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Reviving Eros and why we need a new understanding of intimacy...

You know when you start to feel like you are more like roommates with your partner rather than actual lovers?

And you can’t pinpoint the exact moment when work, kids, and life took over leaving you feeling indifferent and at the same time not knowing how to get back to that place of passionate creativity and aliveness?

  • You feel like watching Netflix on the couch and “cuddling” instead of making passionate love
  • You blame your partner for only being “interested in sex”
  • You feel hopeless that anything will ever change
  • And deep down you’re afraid that this may just be all there is

But trust me its NOT!

Eros is the creative energy of life that LONGS to express itself through us in the form of our creative and erotic expression.  Life itself is sexual, sensual, always longing for greater depth, expansion and expression THROUGH us as LOVE and CREATIVITY and LIFE ITSELF! 

Problem is we have shut ourselves off from this source of juicy flow. 

Our culture, our religion, our negative experiences around sex that have brought us only deep shame and embarrassment have led us to siphon ourselves off from this source of ENERGY and LIFE. 

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Eros is longing to be seen, felt, revived and lived. 

And you don’t have to leave your marriage, quit your job, or move to Bali to take the first steps.  

Join me for this BONUS episode of The Sex Talk Café where I will share with you Intimacy  Key #1 and discover how to start to re awaken the life force of EROS into your own life so that you can have more happiness, connection, intimacy and LOVE in all your relationships. 

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