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The Pathway to Pleasure Collective is a growing group practice consisting of highly trained and experienced specialists in the filed of sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. To book with one of our specialists start by requesting your 20 minute complimentary consultation here. 

Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A. LPC, Founder and CEO, Sex Therapist and Specialist in Women's Sexuality.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA, LPC is the CEO and Founder of The Pathway to Pleasure Collective. Susan is a licensed processional counselor and sex therapist specializing in helping individuals and couples to resolve the all too common issue of low sexual desire (aka "low libido"). Susan empowers her clients to find their voice, ditch the self sacrifice and get back to love so that they can cultivate a fulfilling intimate relationship for the long term.  Click here to learn more about Susan's approach, training, experience and how she helps women and couples ditch the self sacrifice and get bak to love. 

Nicole Siegel, Somatic Educator and Pleasure Coach

Nicole is a certified sexological bodyworker, doula, and postpartum healer. She acquired her certification as a Sexological Bodyworker at the Sea School of Embodiment in England, UK. She is trained under Continuum Doulas (Frome, UK) as a birth doula, a special framework providing more holistic and complete birth support.  

Nicole empowers her clients to find comfort in their body, attunement with and clarity in their desires, and confidence in their decisions and boundaries. Nicole is an expert at creating safe spaces for her clients to find pleasure and empowerment in their relationship to their body, sexuality, self, and, ultimately, vitality in life, love, relationships, and work.

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