Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach


Something about me that not everyone knows is that in addition to my role as a sex therapist enabling and empowering women to find their voice, resolve guilt and resentment and get back to love, I am first and foremost a priestess, healer and spiritual guide.

Before I ever embarked on the sexuality journey, and before I ever decided to go to grad school to get my masters in professional counseling I have served others in the capacity of healer, coach, and mentor.

Over the years however there have been times where I felt I had to cut myself off from this part of me.

My divorce ten years ago put me underground for a while—with threats by my ex- husband of taking my children for his claims that I was “in a cult” or that I was “psychotic” (Um…being psychic is not the same as being psychotic……).

I got scared and toned myself down. I became afraid to speak out about my work and I went underground for awhile.

And then years later during graduate school and in the early years of my mental health training I again felt I had to hide my esoteric self.

I felt that I had to hide this outside the box part of me and adopt instead what was deemed “acceptable” in the profession just to fit in and to be taken seriously by my peers and by the world.

But you know what I have learned from all of this?

I seriously SUCK at fitting in. And praise Jesus for that!


Because I now realize that I am a freaking badass who can serve others so far beyond just “talking about a problem” or pegging them with the endless repetitive question “So… do you feel about that”? “Hmmmmm….and how do you feel about that?” “Uh-huh…….and how does that make you feel?”

Really how far does merely talking about how you “feel about that” actually produce real change in your life I the long run?

Exactly. It doesn’t.

Enter your Renegade Soul Guide, Mystic Priestess Healer, Rebel Therapist Freak---Me!

I have the ability to enable people to resolve the shit that is keeping them stuck without having to process with you for months or years about how you are the way you are today because your mom was mean to you as a kid or how because your dad left when you were two you now have abandonment issues.

That’s just part of your story. It’s not who you are. And if you are courageous and bold enough to step out of it? It no longer needs to keep defining your future.

Because the truth is that you can sit on that shit for YEARS and never make progress. And some therapists will gladly sit there with you for those years while you go round and round in your story, telling and re-telling it again and again until even you are tired of hearing it.

But not me. I won’t validate your victimhood. I won’t commiserate with the lies you keep telling yourself in order to stay safe.

I just don’t have the patience for that.

Instead I will shoot you straight. Take you to the places you are too afraid to go on your own. Kick your ass once in a while.

And I WILL LOVE you through your process as you learn to do the work you are most terrified to do.

Which is The REAL work of learning to LOVE.

Truth be told? The only reason I can do this with you is because I have done it myself.

I’ve been married, divorced, broke, arrested, fed a family on $60 a week, single, partnered, engaged and walked away from my wedding three weeks before the wedding day (dang, that took balls!).

I’ve been in love, in resentment, in guilt, unable to say no or hold my boundaries.

I’ve been suicidal, anxious, depressed, represented myself in family court in the name of protecting my children and nearly died trying (please DON’T try this one at home!!)

I’ve been grateful, joyful, wildly free, genuinely happy, found my voice, accomplished goals, and utterly in love with life.

I’ve been there and here I am. I continue on this ride called life.

Balls to the wall. All in.

Is now your time to go all in? Want some help getting yourself there?

Contact Me and Let's Talk.



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