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Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Pleasure Keys Couples Retreat

The Pleasure Keys
Retreat for Couples 
Now Enrolling for 2024

An Live Weekend Immersion for Committed Couples in Long Term Relationships Who Want to Become Rockstars at Creating Deeper Connection and Mutual Fulfillment in Sex and Intimacy for the Long Term
(without spending months in therapy or watching hours of YouTube videos)

What is The Pleasure Keys Retreat About?

This retreat is about you and your relationship.

It's about discovering, noticing, trusting, valuing, and communicating genuine desires, needs, and wants.

It's about celebrating choice, using your voice, and becoming a master at deeply honoring you and your partner's desires in ways you may have never imagined:

  • Wouldn't it be awesome to know how to masterfully create mutually satisfying intimate experiences where you're BOTH getting what you want?
  • What would it feel like if it were safe enough to venture out into new territories? To explore curiosities that previously felt too scary or threatening for your relationship?
  • What would it be like to become a master at knowing what you want and need and desire and to fully express that desire without fear of hurting your partner's feelings or making them feel "obligated"? 
  • Wouldn't it feel amazing to be able to celebrate your partners desires without feeling obligated or pressured?
  • What if you were completely free of performance anxiety and you felt wanted and desired by your partner?
  • What if you could create the depth and connection you've been longing for but never thought was possible?
  • What if you could have the confidence to become the rockstar lover you've always wanted to be?

The Pleasure Keys Retreat is not really about sex, per se. And though we'll use non-sexual touch and intimacy practice, it's also not really about touch. But everything you learn during this weekend will inform your sex life as well as every other area of your life.

All of your relationships will benefit, romantic or otherwise. 

More than anything this retreat is about choice, voice, and cultivating the skills to masterfully navigating differences in desire so that you can get on the same page and experience mutual fulfillment for the long term. 

If this is you....

Your relationship is mostly awesome.

You've been together for a long time and are curious to learn new ways to deepen the connection and explore new realms of your intimate relationship.

You are adventurers and lifelong learners who know the importance of investing in your relationship for long term satisfaction, joy and love. 

You're interested in expanding the horizons, learning new approaches that can enhance the already amazing intimate relationship you have. 

If this is you, The Pleasure Keys retreat will be a breath of fresh air, a new adventure, and a solid set of skills that will empower you to deepen and heighten what you've already got for a lifetime. 

Or maybe THIS is this you?

Your relationship is mostly awesome.  You love each other very much and have been together for awhile. 

But when it comes to finding mutual fulfillment and navigating differences in desire you feel like you're always hitting roadblocks.

The frustration and resentment has reached it's limit.

The issue is taking up a lot of mental space now, incessantly dominating your thoughts throughout the day, seeping into your life as you lie awake at night stewing behind that wall of resentment that just seems to be getting thicker brick by brick with each passing day:

  • Why can't we just get on the same page?
  • Why can't we just want the same things at the same time? Is that so hard?
  • Why can't we just have more ease and flow in intimacy instead of so many roadblocks?  

And secretly you're both thinking....

"Maybe we just aren't compatible."

  • You want more fun, more flow, more adventure and exploration.
  • You want more time and to know what you genuinely like, need and want rather than defaulting to what your partner wants.
  • Wouldn't it just be AMAZING to be able to know HOW to get out of this muck and back into the flow of pleasure, connection, and mutual satisfaction?
Couple hands wrapped in lights

But it doesn't have to be this way!!!

If you resonate with the above scenario you are not alone. Almost every couple I meet experiences some version of the above frustration in sex and intimacy. That's because nobody ever actually taught us about PLEASURE.  

Nobody actually taught us exactly HOW pleasure is dependent on 3 critical factors being present in every interaction.

Nobody told us that without these 3 keys we are forever doomed to an intimate life of pleasing and appeasing, hitting endless roadblocks in libido levels, and what seems like a never ending cycle of being the rejector or the rejected. 

But it's NOT that you are sexually incompatible. You and your partner are likely very compatible in many ways, including sexually, or you wouldn't be together. 

  • It's just that nobody taught you how to access your genuine desire.
  • You never learned how to communicate those desires in a way that your partner can hear and respond to. 
  • You never learned how to get exactly what you want without one of you feeling like you're sacrificing yourself.
  • And most importantly, you've never learned how to navigate the relational space between two people when desires seemingly conflict and how to create the clarity so that you can both experience pleasure and enjoyment! 

I feel your pain. And I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way!

This is why I created The Pleasure Keys tm Retreat for Couples. 

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

The Good News Is....

This is a very solvable problem! The Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples is the solution.

Through a simple and easy to understand framework that includes non-sexual touch practices coupled with experiential non-sexual intimacy practices, The Pleasure Keys equip you with deep experiential learning so that you can resolve the obstacles to mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

By learning the Pleasure Keys in this experiential weekend immersion retreat format, you'll celebrate as the frustration, confusion, resentment and guilt are replaced with curiosity, excitement, pleasure, and deep connection. 

And the best part is that what you'll learn and experience during the Pleasure Keys retreat is repeatable! You'll be able to take what you learn in the weekend and continue to expand and deepen the skills in your relationship for the long term. 

Who it's For...

This retreat is for couples who:

  • Want to learn new skills to enhance their intimate lives and who already have an amazing relationship but just want to explore what else is possible. 
  • Are struggling to get on the same page in sex and intimacy and want to learn skills to overcome sexual desire discrepancy.
  • Have been in a committed relationship for at least two years.
  • Are curious to explore new territories and have new experiences in their intimate relationship and want to learn the skills to make that possible. 
  • Want to learn how to communicate better and resolve past patterns of obligation, guilt, resentment, or fear of rejection. 

Who it's NOT for...

This retreat is NOT for couples who:

  • Are high conflict or argue constantly.
  • Unable to show basic respect and curiosity for one another or who are unwilling to learn new things.
  • Have been together for less than two years. 

Here's What You'll Be Able To Do After Attending This Retreat.

After attending the Pleasure Keys Retreat You'll Be Able To:

  • Know how to know what you want and like, instead of freezing like a deer in the headlights when asked "What do you want/like/need?"
  • Easily ask for what you want without the fear of rejection or judgment. 
  • Experience receiving exactly what you want without pressure, obligation, or people-pleasing. 
  • Discover your boundaries and limits are and how to communicate them.
  • Request adjustments and give and receive feedback without feeling like you're hurting your partner's feelings or taking it personally.
  • Craft mutually enjoyable touch experiences where both people are fulfilled and put an end to patterns of avoidance or shut down. 
  • Identify what types of touch you like and prefer and what types of touch are or aren't a turn on for you. 
  • Bring more peace and harmony into your intimate relationship for the long term. 

What this retreat is NOT

Plant growing

The Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples Level 1 does NOT include any sexual touching or nudity. All of the activities and practices are done fully clothed and you'll be working with your partner for the entire weekend. 

The Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples will be fun and playful but is NOT just a fluffy "feel good" experience. Working directly with the body and encountering the obstacles we have to pleasure, requires dedication and effort to show up fully and vulnerably. It can be uncomfortable at times as much as it can be exhilarating. All of this is good because that's where the growth happens!  

I'm In! Gimme the Skinny on the Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples...

Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples Level 1 

Details for The Pleasure Keys Retreat for Couples

When: Next dates are TBA. 

Where: The Mountain 3872 Dillard Rd. Highlands, NC 28741

Lodging: Lodging accommodations are not included. There are many Air BNB's and VRBO's near the retreat location. 

Meals: Lunch and snacks will be provided. Dinners are on your own. 

Getting Here: Travel expenses are not included. The retreat location is located 70 miles West of Asheville, NC, it's about a 90 minute drive by car from the Asheville Regional Airport. Other airports are 2.5 hour by car and may have more flight options: Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Knoxville, TN, Chattanooga, TN. 

Tuition: $1500 per couple. $500 non-refundable deposit required to guarantee your spot. 

How: To participate in this retreat please Contact Me directly using this form. 

Contact Me Here to Apply to Attend the Retreat

The Location

Sunrise from the front deck of The Hideout Franklin, NC retreat.

Franklin, NC is a small town in the mountains of Western North Carolina about 70 miles west of Asheville, NC and two hours north of Atlanta, GA. 

Known in the modern day as the "Gem Capital of the World", the area was originally inhabited by Cherokee Indian tribe and is rich in ancient Cherokee history and lore. 

Surrounded on all sides by the Appalachian mountain ranges, Franklin, NC is abundant with natural rubies, sapphires and other semi-precious stones that are found naturally occurring in the hills and rivers, hence the name Gem Capital of the World. Gem mining is a fun activity enjoyed by locals and tourists alike at small family operated gem mines in the area. 

Waterfalls, trees, rivers, numerous lakes and creeks are also abundant in the area with an diverse array wildlife to observe: black bear, deer, bobcats, humming birds and more, the area is teeming with the fertile energy of mother nature. 

A sacred land to the Cherokee, the ancient wisdom and energy of the area is palpable.  Something magical happens as you enter the mountains here. The veils over the mystical and magical are thinner and mother nature nurtures the soul into singing it's own joyful  song.  

I can't wait to share this amazing place with you!

Contact Me Here to Apply to Attend the Retreat


  • This weekend retreat experience is open to 4-6 couples.
  • There is no nudity or sexual touching during this Level 1 retreat.
  • Contact Us with questions or to apply to participate.


The Pleasure Keys tm are my own proprietary work.  However some of the other elements I will be sharing with you during this workshop are influenced and inspired by the Wheel of Consent® as developed by Dr. Betty Martin. I have trained with the School of Consent, but I am not a certified facilitator. For more information visit

Contact Me Here to Apply to Attend the Retreat

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