Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Awakening Radiance
Introduction to Feminine Energy Activation
A 6 Week Online Women's Program

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Many women in the modern day get stuck in overdrive. We are lured by the culturally imposed values of productivity, attaining goals, generating results, competing with each other, and pursuing our independence at the expense of our deepest needs and desire for love.

  • No matter if you are a homemaker, high powered corporate executive, or lifelong entrepreneur, your feminine radiance is not exempt from the impact of overwork, over-giving, and over-producing that women fall prey to in our unconscious attempt to prove our value and worth to the world and to ourselves. 
  • No matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or beyond; whether you are still cycling with your monthly bleed, entering the change, or already deep into the completion of your're feminine radiance is not something that is dependent on your hormone levels or stage of life. 
  • No matter if you're feeling disconnected, stagnant, tired, lifeless, anxious, depressed or isolated, if life feels rote and routine, sex feels like a chore (or you're just totally uninterested), or you feel permanently stuck in your head, unable to break free, depleted, worn out, or burnt out.

Your feminine radiance is something that can be turned back on! It can be ignited, activated and even cultivated with the right knowledge, tools, practices, and dedication to doing things a little bit differently.


Why Awakening Radiance?

I created the Awakening Radiance program for women just like you.

After working with hundreds of women in my sex therapy practice since 2015, I've noticed a repeating mantra. I hear some version of the following from nearly every woman who comes to me for help:

  • I don't feel sexy.
  • I have a low libido.
  • I think I may be asexual.
  • I feel pressured/obligated. I just have sex with him to keep him happy; I want him to just get it over with.
  • I want to feel sexy/alive/radiant again.
  • I want to feel attracted to my partner.
  • I'm stuck in my head and I don't know how to get out. 
  • I'm not attracted to my partner anymore. Will I ever be?
  • I don't feel anything "down there".
  • I love my partner but it's more like we are roommates (or business partners) than lovers. 
  • I have no idea what I want or need. I don't even know how to know how to know what I want or need. 
  • I feel shut down, numb, confused, etc...

These are all symptoms of a disconnect from your feminine essence, from your feminine radiance!

What is Feminine Radiance?


Your feminine radiance is the essence of your feminine energy as it expresses itself through your body as love, light, desire and pleasure. 

Your feminine radiance is your capacity to deeply feel; to contact all that is deep within you; to meet and greet every single little thing that is there in embrace and acceptance and allowing what you find to flow into outward expression through your body, your voice, your energy and your presence. 

Your feminine radiance is your wellspring of creativity, connection, energy for life itself, desire for love and connection, and your personal "glow" that you bring with you wherever you go. It is the light of love itself and it is the greatest blessing you could ever bring to yourself and others. 

Your feminine radiance is life force energy. It is life itself. So it only makes sense that when your radiance is siphoned off, when it is shut down or dried up, you feel tired, disconnected, discontent, and have no desire or libido. 

When Your Feminine Radiance is Ignited....


When your feminine radiance is flowing freely, when it is ignited and turned on, you:

  • Experience more peace, pleasure and enjoyment.  
  • The incessant thoughts and criticisms that were endlessly running through your head are suddenly gone now that you are radically present in your body.
  • You literally glow with energy and suddenly people start to notice something is different about you!
  • Feel more desire, arousal, and interest in sex and intimacy.
  • Have more energy and get more done without the burnout and feelings of disconnection or isolation.
  • Feel connected to yourself, your partner and to life.
  • Feel more "down there". 
  • Receive more positive attention from the opposite sex, rather than feeling invisible or like an object.
  • Feel sexy and turned on again!

What Happens During the Awakening Radiance 6 Week Online Program for Women?

During this six week online course you'll be guided through six different sacred feminine embodiment practices that empower you to replenish and ignite your feminine radiance and activate your innate capacity for love, connection, pleasure, and joy. 

Love is who you are. It is what you bring to every situation.(potentially anyhow).

Love is both an art and a science. The Awakening Radiance 6 Week Online Course for Women will teach you both the art and science of feminine energy activation. 

You'll be empowered to cultivate your own solo practice in the privacy of your own home while knowing that other women are sharing this experience alongside you.  

Why Bother?

When we as women reclaim our feminine radiance and  vibrancy, and make the commitment to live as fully expressed physical incarnation of LIFE force energy, we literally hold the power to change our lives, our intimate relationships, and the would at large.

Our life and relationships improve because we recognize ourselves as the source of love and fullness:

  • We become activated and alive instead of stagnant, depressed, anxious or shut down. 
  • We begin to experience pleasure for OUR sake and not just as a way to keep our partner happy or satisfy the needs of others. 
  • When we RECLAIM and IGNITE our feminine radiance we learn to RECIEVE deeply first, and then let our giving be an expression and EXPANSION of our own fullness. (This is a MUCH different experience than trying to give to everyone else from a dry well!) 

How it Works

Six Video Lessons: 6 self paced video modules. One new video lesson is released to your inbox each week. 

Feminine Radiance Practices*: Each week you'll learn a new Feminine Radiance practice so that by the end of the six weeks you'll have a solid foundation for your ongoing solo feminine radiance practice. 

These practices are simple yet extremely effective and powerful when done as part of a consistent practice of feminine energy cultivation.

Learning Dashboard: You'll have access to a learning dashboard where you can access video lessons and course materials. The course is delivered over a 6 week period but you'll have two additional weeks to access the course lessons materials for a total of 8 weeks of access.  Lifetime access to the course may be purchased for $97. Chose this option at checkout. 

Post-Course Community Practice Calls: Once you complete this course you'll be eligible to attend ongoing monthly community group practice calls. 

*NOTE: Some (though not all) of the practices require you to touch your own body including your breasts and genitals in the privacy of your own home. If this offends you then you should not participate in this program.

Enrollment Details

Regular Tuition: $597

Regular Tuition + Lifetime Access: $697

Program Dates: Ongoing open enrollment. Enroll anytime!

Enroll Now

Lesson Outline

  1. Lesson #1: Activating Shakti and Opening The Receiving Channels
  2. Lesson #2: Embodiment and Expressing Your Sacred Feminine
  3.  Lesson #3: Igniting the Orgasmic Flow
  4. Lesson #4: Awakening the Feminine Polarity
  5. Lesson #5 Own Your Turn OnCultivating Sensitivity and Pleasure
  6. Lesson #6: Inhabit Your Power: An introduction to the Yoni Egg Practice

What Happens Next?

After you enroll you will receive an email confirming your enrollment.

You'll receive the login to your learning dashboard and may begin accessing hte course immediately. You should plan to work through the course one lesson at a time over a period of six weeks however you'll have access to the course for a total of 8 weeks. Lifetime access may be purchased for a $97 additional fee. 

If you have any problems enrolling or accessing your content please Contact Us. 

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