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Ok y’all just gotta rant on this one here for a minute because seriously I am going to puke if I hear one more woman complain that her man is not “masculine enough” for her.

Y’all this pisses me off!

Now on the one hand I can understand the plight.

I get it. You want to feel a certain strength from your man that sometimes just seems like its missing.

You want to feel a certain essence of his presence that you associate with his “masculinity” things like how much money he is making, what position he holds in his job, how well he can fuck you, how “in love” you feel at any given moment.

And when you’re not feeling these things when you’re with your man, your first go to is to blame him for “not being masculine enough” for you.

But my dear what is it that YOU are contributing to this “problem”?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe—just MAYBE-- your constant nagging, your complaining, your sour mood, that persistent pout on your face, your general disinterest in doing much of anything at all to cultivate your own sensuality, sexuality, and your feminine radiance could possibly have anything at all to do with why you feel the way that you feel?

And don’t give me that bullshit excuse that you "should not have to "work" at being feminine, or sensual, or radiant.

And ditch that silly idea that he should just love you the way you are. (Now I’m sure he DOES love you just the way you are, but THAT IS NOT THE REAL ISSUE here.)

  • The REAL ISSUE is that you don’t feel feminine.
  • You don’t feel SEXY.
  • You don’t feel RADIANT.

So look here my pretty. What if instead you took some responsibility for your fine feminine self and started actively cultivating your own feminine radiance by working actively with your feminine energy and female sexuality?

  • Because the feminine is MAGNETIC.
  • She is ATTRACTIVE.
  • She is a FORCE to be reckoned with when she is lit up, opened, and expanded into the LOVE that she natural just IS.

When a woman is in touch with herself in this way, she magnetically draws the masculine towards her.

  • No more frustrated demands for attention.
  • No more pout face.
  • No more Nag the Hag.
  • Just pure stunning radiant LOVE.

This feminine LOVE is what draws out those qualities you long for in your partner. It is this LOVE and RADIANCE that you are really wanting to feel.

Now you can wait for a man to do this for you—to open you up into the love you already are (and there are a few men out there who actually know how to do this artfully with a woman).

But truthfully? If you just sit around and wait for this unicorn to show up (which also looks like sitting around hoping your partner is going to magically turn into one)—you are going to be waiting for quite a long time.

So it’s better to start the process on yourself.


Cultivate your own femininity. Cultivate your radiance, your love, your sensuality, your magnetic presence.

I’m inviting you to discover your own power. Then watch what magic happens as you do.

If you read this and are like—"Ok Morgan, that all sounds cute, fluffy, and nice but how TF am I supposed to actually do that?”, simply contact me and I'll get you started!

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