A Pathway to Healing for Men

There is a deep sadness in my soul for this particular topic.  It is not so much a grief forbidden as it is perhaps a grief forgotten (or denied) both individually by the men who are victims of it, as well as collectively by the very society in which we live: by those who wish to explain it away as being necessary for “sanitation” or as nothing more than a “harmless medical procedure”. 

This practice, called circumcision, is not only extremely painful as it is performed without the use of anesthesia on newborn baby boys, but it is also performed without the sovereign consent of the individual to whom it is happening--(for how can an infant give consent?). 

While I have respect for your doctor or your friend who may have told you that the removal of a baby boy’s foreskin is necessary to help keep the penis “clean” I implore you to please go forth and educate yourself further on this topic. 

A foreskin is no more difficult to clean than a vulva and yet we do not go about removing the labia of infant girls.  What we know now about trauma is that “the body keeps the score”. 

Such early trauma to the most sacred and holy part of a man’s body temple no doubt has far and wide reaching implications which we have not even yet begun to understand. 

The saving hope here however is that there is a method to heal this trauma and to perhaps help men and our society regain what has unwittingly been lost. 

The link below will take you to a free online video course I recently stumbled upon from the Intimacy Institute about healing the wound of circumcision. 

If you only watch the first video, you will already be more educated and better informed on this topic than 90% of the population.  I was amazed to learn in the last video of the series that it is possible to restore some of the lost foreskin!

One adult man shows a self-massage technique he has been using to partially restore his own foreskin-- and thus restoring the source of some of the lost pleasure and sensitivity, which most men likely never realize they have lost due to infant circumcision.

Thank goodness for the people educating us about this topic and for doing this incredible work with men! 

Here is the link to access the free video course:

Or call
to make an appointment. 

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