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Awakening Radiance: Intro to Feminine Energy Activation.  Enrollment is OPEN!

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for Couples and Individuals

I hear too many women say they feel "broken" when it comes to intimacy...


And that's EXACTLY WHY I created the Wake Up! Woman 4 Month Mentoring Program!

Wake Up! Woman is an intensive deep dive into the study of your beautiful feminine sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. It’s where you learn exactly HOW to access your desire, how to actually know WHAT you want and NEED, and how to ditch the obstacles that get in the way of intimate connection.


❤️ Clear out ALL of that OLD emotional garbage that’s been hanging around for years— resentment, “feeling bad for saying no”, your fears of rejection or abandonment, the fear of hurting your partners feelings—this crap is killing the connecting girl and you KNOW it.

❤️Understand EXACTLY how your libido actually WORKS---how you are wired, and how that’s different form your partner so that you can stop making each other wrong, or feeling like you’re broken.

❤️ Use your VOICE—learn how to stop going silent when asked what you want or need, STOP feeling like you’re being “selfish” for wanting something, and OVERCOME that pang of fear in your gut when speaking up for yourself.

❤️ACTIVATE your sexual energy—learn how to turn it on, turn it up or tone it down.

❤️Practice a new approach to intimacy that works even if your “too tired” or he can’t get it up.

❤️ Use practical communication skills that will INSTANTLY dissolve conflict or disagreements so that you can artfully direct the relationship back towards connection and love.

❤️Develop the ESSENTIAL SKILL SET that will empower you to be able to SUSTAIN the change over the long term once the program is over.


✅Weekly video lessons focusing on a specific area of women’s sexuality, pleasure, and intimacy. (One new lesson released each week).

✅Two integration weeks: your chance to rest, integrate or catch up.

✅ Weekly Individual Practices that you do each day which facilitate EXPERIENTIAL learning from the lesson.

✅Access to a private Wake Up Woman! Facebook Group where you can share and comment about your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance and support from me and other women in the course.

✅ Live Weekly Coaching Calls with me where you get my personal support, guidance, teachings and coaching to help you go deeper into your own process and get your personal questions answered.

✅ Lifetime access to the videos and program resources.


You feel bad and give into sex just to keep your partner happy or to keep the relationship.

You feel disconnected from you partner.

You feel resentful and don’t know how to bring down the wall.

You have no idea what you want or need and have a hard time speaking up for yourself so you just go along with things.

You fear that if you spoke up about your needs etc, that it might upset your partner so instead you just pretend everything is “ok” but you know deep down that something is amiss.

You feel like you are broken or the intimacy issues in your relationship are all your fault. You are secretly afraid of losing the relationship if you don’t fix the problem.


You don’t “have the time” to invest in yourself and your growth.

You’re looking for a quick fix and think that all of your problems will be solved by just learning a few new tricks and techniques. 

You’re unwilling to dig deeper into yourself and confront your emotions or limiting behavior patterns.

You think you already “know all this” or have “done that before”.  Look ,  I’m not here to teach you how to be some kind of a wild sex kitten or how to wrap yourself around a pole in lacey lingerie that probably goes up your butt.

What I AM here to teach you is the deeper INNER work of sex, love and intimacy so that you can make REAL changes in your intimate relationship for the LONG TERM.

You in?

Participation in this program is by application ONLY and I am only accepting 2 new women into the program this month.

If you were like “Oh my god that sounds exactly like me” when you read the “This Program is For You If….” list from above.......then fill out an application here today. 



Morgan Susan Taylor, MA

Specialist in Women's Sexuality and Feminine Spirituality

Founder, The Pathway to Pleasure Collective and The Feminine Wisdom Academy

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