Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Female Sexual Pain Support Group in Austin, TX

This Group is No Longer Meeting.

Is female sexual pain (dyspareunia) controlling your life? Has sexual pain made trying to have sexual intimacy challenging at best and virtually impossible at worst? 

If you are here reading this now, you have probably already seen many doctors and specialists trying to get to the root of solving the issue. 

And if you are like many women you may even have been told “it’s all in your head” or have been bounced around from one doctor to the next with out ever really getting to the source of what is causing the pain and thus no closer to resolving it once and for all.

Female Sexual Pain and Your Relationship

If you are one of the lucky few you may have already connected with a medical health professional who has been able to provide you with some real answers and a real solution to helping you heal your sexual pain (dyspareunia).

But sadly for many women this is often not the case. And no matter which camp you are in, the emotional impact of the sexual pain has started to take it’s toll.

The impact the sexual pain is having on your relationship is heart wrenching. You desire a healthy sex life with your partner, but the pain always seems to get in the way.  Even if your partner has been supportive and understanding, feelings of guilt, shame frustration and loneliness are common visitors in your world.

A female sexual pain support group is a vital part of a comprehensive solution to resolving dyspareunia and improving your relationship and restoring your sex life.

You are Not Alone

Having a supportive resource for emotional, mental, and spiritual support is an important part of any healing journey.  A professionally facilitated female sexual pain support group provides you with the opportunity to connect with other women who are going through a similar experience and provides a way for you to:

  • Strengthen your sense of community and connection and resolve feelings of isolation or loneliness.
  • Share resources and ideas for how to handle the difficult or awkward moments of being misunderstood, invalidated, or feeling “crazy”.
  •  Explore ways to repair the ruptures that have occurred in your intimate relationship so that resentment is resolved, and intimacy returns.
  •  Practices and tools to access the wisdom of your body in your journey to finding healing.

Why I am Passionate About This Female Sexual Pain Support Group

I am passionate about women being able to access their desire and experience pleasure in sex for their own sake-not just for the sake of pleasing or satisfying a partner. 

I believe that when women are in touch with their desire and have cultivated the capacity to voice their desires while also having the ability o experience and deeply receive pleasure, that the world truly becomes a better place for everyone. 

Many women are disconnected from their own wants, desires and have shut down the capacity for pleasure as sex has become all about pleasing someone else rather than for their own joy.  And I believe that women who struggle with sexual pain experience the effects of this even more so than women without dyspareunia.

The female sexual pain support group is my way of helping women find a pathway to restore pleasure when they may have lost access to it due to dysparuenia, vaginismus, and other sexual pain disorders. 

Honoring Your Body's Wisdom

I also am passionate about approaching the body as a source of wisdom.  Your body is the expression of your unconscious mind.  In sacred sexuality it is understood that a woman’s sexual center—her womb, ovaries, vulva, vagina, clitoris, etc—hold and absorb emotional memories and experiences from throughout her life. The womb and the genitals are considered a sacred part of a woman’s body. 

In healing this area part of the path is to connect with it consciously and to create space for the stuck energy and old emotional traumas to release.  Pain in the body is often related to stuck emotional energy. 

While I realize that this is not the entirety of the problem with women who face sexual pain (dyspareunia) I believe that it is an integral part of a woman learning to reclaim and heal this part of he own body and it can bring a valuable level of transformation that often results in decreased pain. 

In other words you are more than a physical being.  And your vagina and vulva are not just body parts that merely serve the purpose of procreation and sexual pleasure. They are also an important part of your emotional and psychological makeup. 

When we graciously invite and include the body’s innate wisdom in our search for healing, we are guaranteed to eventually decipher its hidden messages and turn what at first appeared to be a confusing mystery into a healing encounter with a deeper truth. This is one way the Female Sexual Pain Support Group at Pathway to Pleasure is different from other types of talk therapy or medical interventions.

How Can This Group Help Me?

The Female Sexual Pain Support group is intended to be a sacred space for women to explore their full range of thoughts feelings and emotions in regard to the challenges they are facing with dyspareunia. 

It is also intended to be a place for you to experience new ways of connecting with your body and your emotions in a way that works with your body’s wisdom rather than against it.

Oftentimes when there is pain in the body the inclination is to avoid it, to numb it out, and to get away from it. While the roots and causes of dyspareunia are complex and unique to each woman and treatment approaches will vary depending on they type of sexual pain you are experiencing, including the body’s innate wisdom is a critical part of any healing process.

And unfortunately, when we do not include the body wisdom in our healing not only do we miss the deeper messages yearning to be acknowledged by our bodies, but we often unintentionally give the pain more strength and power over us.

It is only when we fully embrace and unconditionally meet what is exactly the way it is, that we can eventually transform it.  This is the paradox of change! And this is the aim of the female sexual pain support group at The Pathway to Pleasure Collective.

Who Should Participate in This Group?

This group is for women who:

  • Are currently experiencing sexual pain (dyspareunia)
  •  Consider themselves to have an open mind.
  • Have a willingness to be curious about their own emotions and explore what it means to give them space and voice.
  •   A desire to better connect to their body wisdom and learn to decipher its messages.
  • Tired of feeling frustrated and alone and who would benefit from connecting with others in a similar situation.
  • Want to both give and receive support to/from a group of like minded women.
  • Are female identified with female parts.

No prior group experience is necessary to participate in the Female Sexual Pain Support Group. Women of all walks of life, all backgrounds and any sexual orientation are welcome to join.

Group Structure and What to Expect

The Female Sexual Pain Support group meets for 60 minutes once per week.

While every group is different here is a general structure that I often like to use when leading groups.  (Please note that this is just an example.  I prefer to allow room for fluidity and spontaneity in order to more accurately respond to the needs of the group in the moment).  

(5 mins) The group will begin with a few minutes of grounding and centering practices led by the facilitator.

(45 mins) Then the floor will be open sharing and discussion. I facilitate the discussion by inviting participants to give voice to any sensations happening in their bodies while they are talking as well as invite them to give space to any emotional content arising during the discussion.

(10 mins) The group will close with a somatic integration activity.  Some things we do may include: journaling, facilitated movement, guided breathwork, a yoga posture, or other embodiment meditation.

How Do I participate in This Group?

This group is no longer meeting. 

This group is no longer meeting

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