Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Life, Love and Soul
Weekly Women's Group

This group is closed until further notice. 

The very nature of life and love inspire the need for a sacred space where women feel supported, nurtured and healed. 

Have you ever had that feeling of just wishing that you could press the “pause button” on life and make everything stop even for just a few moments?

Chances are if you are in a human body you have at some time or another felt overwhelmed by life. So many things can hit us all at once that we feel overwhelmed, unable to get our bearings, or blinded to the bigger picture or purpose of our experiences.

We need a sacred space to return to. A place where we can go outside of time, press the pause button, and regain perspective, insight and healing.

Life, Love and Soul is a group for women designed to be exactly this place. A “womb” that we may return to even briefly to return to the deeper meaning of who we are and why we are really here, and what our experiences teach us when we drop deeper beyond the “story” and the drama of our lives.

About Life, Love and Soul Women's Group

The Life, Love and Soul group is a weekly in person women's group in Austin, TX open to women of all walks of life and of all ages who are experiencing:

  • Life transition
  • Relationship struggles, 
  • Internal or external changes to life circumstances or health. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life— stressed out, frustrated or anxious.
  • A desire to go deeper in their personal and/or spiritual growth.
  • Any form of loss no matter how recent or old.

Some examples of what women in this group may be facing are:

  • Divorce.
  • Relationship struggles.
  • Death or loss of a loved one.
  • Personal illness.
  • Postpartum challenges.
  • Menopause and life transitions.
  • Caring for an aging parent.
  • Ending of a significant relationship.
  • Perinatal losses such as infertility, miscarriage, or early infant death.
  • Sexuality concerns or challenges.
  • Sexual trauma or childhood abuse.
  • Voluntary termination of a pregnancy.
  • Loss of a job or seeking a career transition.
  • Any challenge you may face just by being a woman in the world!

This group is also ideal for women who simply desire to feel more connected and in community with other women as they walk their path through life while also receiving guidance and insight from the wisdom of others.

Why do you need Women's Group like this one?

Our culture rarely honors the need for a safe and sacred space for us to be witnessed and held as we go through the ups and downs of life.  Too often we are expected to just "get over it" or to reach for the next latest pill or therapy that is supposed to solve all of our problems in an instant. 

We stuff it down, gloss it over with a smile or sarcasm, or suffer silently, bearing our pain alone and in secrecy.

But we know all too well this does us no good.  It causes stress, depression, pain and isolation.

Women, it is time to do something different!

Life Love and Soul women's group is an invitation to return to our feminine roots by entering into community, and coming together as women to help and heal one another.

When we as women come together and allow ourselves to become truly authentic, real and vulnerable both within ourselves and within a group of other women, real healing can occur.

Life, Love and Soul Group is a sacred space where women are invited to embark on a personal healing journey that includes spiritual inquiry, meditation and prayer, and an exploration of what it means to live fully, love deeply, and grieve shamelessly.

In this group setting you will never be expected to tell your story unless you want to

The group is focused on helping you to bring greater awareness, insight and healing to your own internal process around whatever it is you are struggling with by helping you to connect more deeply to your feelings, emotions, your body, and your source of spiritual strength whatever that may be (or not be) for you.

The group is open to any woman who is committed to her personal growth and spiritual development.  It honors your individual connection to the spiritual and sacred as you define that to be--it is not religious.  The group is open to you no matter what your personal spiritual or religious beliefs may be.

Group Structure and What to Expect

Live Love and Soul Women's Group meets for 75 minutes once per week.

While every meeting will be slightly different below is an outline of a general structure that I often like to use when leading groups. 

(Please note that this is just an example.  I prefer to allow room for fluidity and spontaneity in order to more accurately respond to the needs of the group in the moment).  

(5-10 mins) The group will begin with a somatic (body centered)  activity.  Some things we do may include facilitated movement, guided breathwork, a yoga posture, or other embodiment meditation.

(60 mins) Then the floor will be open sharing and discussion. I facilitate the discussion by inviting participants to give voice to any sensations happening in their bodies while they are talking as well as invite them to give space to any emotional content arising during the discussion.

(5-10 mins) The group will end with a few minutes of integration practices which may include things like journaling, a group activity, or grounding embodiment practice. 

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