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Office visits will resume July 1st. Until then all sessions will be conducted via tele-therapy (video conferencing) due to COVID-19Click here for more info about what to expect in a tele-therapy session. 

Love Your Muff
Join the Movement!

The first national Love Your Muff Month is happening in January of 2020!

Thank you for your interest in supporting national Love Your Muff month.  The mission of Love Your Muff is to raise awareness about the benefits of pubic hair and to prevent the deforestation of the human body. 

Our official website will be launched shortly at

In the meantime here's how you can support the movement.  Our immediate needs are for the following volunteer positions:

  • A web designer who can help us create a simple website
  • A graphics designer to create branding and social media posts
  • Social media manager
  • Community and Corporate partners who are interested in helping us spread the word by sharing about the movement with their community and/ or who would like to provide financial sponsorship. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please Contact Us here. 

Or call
to make an appointment. 

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