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The Bush is Back!
8 Reasons to Love Your Muff

Over the past two decades the removal of pubic hair has turned into a national craze, with Brazilian waxing studios cropping up on every street corner like weeds.  

Women are by far the biggest consumers of this hair removal trend but men have also increasingly started to partake in the fun, with  84% of women and 50% of men in the United States reporting some sort of pubic hair grooming ritual ranging from minor pruning to complete deforestation. 

But when did we begin relating to our pubic hair as though it were weeds to be plucked, pulled, eradicated and annihilated from the human body?

And what if there are some very good reasons to stop the deforestation and keep the bush?

In this week’s podcast episode “The Bush is Back: 8 Reasons to Keep the Fluff and Love Your Muff” I will share with you the history of the women's hair removal movement including its associations with capitalism and the patriarchy, and share with you 8 compelling reasons why you might just want to keep that fluffy muffy intact.  

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In this Weeks Episode You Will Discover:

  • How the fashion industry influenced the hair removal trend
  • How women’s motivations for removing the hair down there differ from those of men and why this matter
  • Depilation for profit: how the men’s hair removal industry sought to increase its profits by marketing to women
  • The influence of Western Art on the suppression of women’s sexuality.
  •  8 fun facts about the hair down there and why you just might want to think twice before you rip it, tweeze it, pluck it, or chuck it.
  •  Howto support the upcoming inception of National Love Your Muff Month happening in January of 2020.

 Listen to the podcast on iTunes here 


P.S. Announcing Reviving Eros 8 Week Online Course for Women Enrollment Opening Soon!

Eros is the creative life force, our sacred human impulse towards love and intimacy.  Eros is our spiritual and primal urge to express ourselves through our creative essence as spiritual and physical beings fully embracing sensuality and sexuality.

 In our modern culture this vital life force has been repressed, misdirected, and often labeled as shameful or sinful or something to be feared controlled, and eradicated. 

The results of this misdirection of our very life essence is evident in the epidemic proportions of depression, anxiety, violence, abuse and war that we see all around us.

This 8 Week Course is a guide for women to learn how to reclaim their female bodies and begin living a life radically engaged with their own life force energy for increased pleasure, energy, abundance and magnetism.

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