Are You in a Sexless Marriage?

Are you a woman in a sexless marriage? 

If so....

  • Is 2021 going to be the year you finally solve this problem?
  • Is 2021 going to be the year you finally learn how to discover what you want and need in intimacy?
  • Will 2021 be the year you finally learn how to use your voice and speak up for yourself—(and drop the fear of hurting your partners feelings for good)?
  • Is 2021 going to be the year you finally figure out how to restore the intimacy, get back to love and ditch the self sacrifice for good?
  •  Will 2021 be the year you finally learn how to stop feeling like you’re broken, or like the intimacy issues in your marriage are all your fault? 
  • Will 2021 be the year you finally step into your power. Your true joy.  And learn to find the connection, pleasure and love that’s always been waiting for you?


  • How much longer do you plan to remain shut down and disconnected?
  • How many more times do you plan to push your partner away, tell him “not now” or “how about later” (when what you really mean is “how about never”?)
  • Are you going to allow one more year of resentment to freeze a wall of ice around your heart?
  • Are you going to allow one more minute to go by, wallowing in your confusion, still not knowing what you want, need or desire?
  • Will you choose to keep that habit of always “feeling bad” for speaking up for yourself or wanting what you want? Fearful of “rocking the boat”?
  • How many more nights do you plan to give in to sex just to keep him happy while lying there all up in your head wishing he’d just “get it over with”?
  • How many more nights do you plan to to lie awake at night in 2021 with that knot of anxiety in your heart and that lump in your throat, feeling broken?


  • But if you are a woman who is ready for something different in 2021….
  • If you are ready to bring an end to the years of disconnection, resentment, guilt, and sexlessness in your marriage…
  • If you are UNWILLING to spend even one more day wallowing in your victimhood and entertaining your feelings of brokenness, hopelessness and frustration …


There is a way out of this sexless place.

There is a way back to connection, where the resentment walls melt back into love.

There is a way to know what you want and need and to learn to speak up without the fear of hurting your partners feelings.

And no, you don’t have to become a wild sex kitten in the bedroom.

You don’t have to go buy an expensive vibrator or more toys that never really solved the problem in the first place.

And you don’t have to take that bad advice you read in Cosmo magazine (which honestly, if it were that easy you would have solved the problem by now, right?)

 All you have to do is contact me right now and I’ll send you an invitation for a private and confidential program preview of my women’s sexuality mentoring program where you’ll get the insiders scoop on the special MAGIC I bring that empowers women to restore the intimacy and get back to love (without the self -sacrifice!).

Space for this ONE TIME LIVE EVENT is VERY limited!

This is a custom curated event that I’m reserving only for a small handful of women who are serious about making changes in their intimate relationship in 2021.

So if you’re a woman who is ready to make 2021 the year you FINALLY figure out how to restore intimacy, save your relationship, and get back to love—while ditching the idea that you’re broken and that the intimacy issues in your relationship are all your fault--- then contact me right now for an application and event details.


Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

P.S.  During this program preview event you’ll get an insider’s look at why it’s so hard for women to speak up for themselves (particularly in intimacy), what your libido has to do with other areas of your life and why it’s so important to revive it, and the two most common (and overlooked) obstacles in intimacy that kill the connection and keep you feeling disconnected.

You’ll also get to hear my very personal story about my own sexual awakening and how this fed my passion to empower other women around sex and intimacy.

PLUS as a SPECIAL BONUS: We’ll have some time for live Q+A  where you’ll be able to have your personal questions answered by a pro.

Contact me now for more info.

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