Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Online Somatic Sex Therapist and Sacred Sexuality Coach

3 Things You Need to Live a Soul Inspired Life

What does your soul long for?

Mine longs for nature. For peace. For quietude.

For connection, love, community, expansion, and joy.

I long for trees. For earth. For waterfalls.

As I've been settling into my new life here in Western North Carolina, surrounded on all sides by mountains, trees, and waterfalls, truly realizing a long time calling of my soul to live in the mountains, I've discovered something:

Nothing happens quickly in the mountains. There really is such a thing as mountain time.

That's because you can't get anywhere fast here. The roads are windy so it takes three times longer to get anywhere than it would if you were in the city. Even the internet is slower here (only the old technology is available in many part).

Nobody is in a rush. Time seems slower. And there are no shortages of flowers to stop and smell.

On my way into town I get to drive through meadows and corn fields, with cows grazing on the side of the hill and the sound of a distant rooster greeting the morning sun (see photo embedded below)

Sunrise in the valley

To me it feels like magic, or maybe heaven.

All this has got me thinking about the soul inspired life that I've been dedicated to living for the past 15 years.

And I've realized there are 3 things you need to re-awaken the magic we used to know as young children and to live a soul inspired life:

1. Slow Down

Living in the rush of modern society there's always some goal to accomplish. We want faster, quicker, more efficient everything.

Strangely enough this addiction to speed and instantaneous gratification often results in less happiness, more inefficiency, and an increase in feelings of disconnection, separation, and isolation.

But a soul directed and soul inspired life requires us to slow down. It requires us to let go of the need to get anywhere and to learn instead to sink more deeply into "is-ness", the pure moment of NOW where the quiet reveals the truth.

If we can't slow down, we won't be able hear the truth of our soul's wisdom which speaks to us in a whisper. If we cannot hear our soul's whisper, we can't live a soul directed life and the magic will always elude us.

2. Trust

I'm often asked "How do I tell the difference between my intuition and my mind just making something up?"

The answer is that intuition is just something you know without needing to ask for the approval of your mind.

It's like a pull or a draw towards something you love, without hesitation.

The mind on the other hand always has a subtle undertone of fear that's driving it. It will doubt, it will talk you out of it, it will make excuses and give all the reasons why you "can't" or "shouldn't", and so on.

To live a soul directed life you need to learn to trust yourself. Seriously. You need to get good at this. Like REALLY good. And it starts one step at a time. Little by little, honoring that still small voice within you.

If you cave into doubt and fear, you'll never take the steps you know you need to take to live the life you dreamed. And the magic will stay hidden from you. (Your fear can actually serve as a gateway into trust if you know how to use it as such, more on this later...)

3. Act

We've all had moments where we KNEW we should have done something but didn't. This is the universe providing you with after-the-fact evidence that's it's ok to TRUST yourself and to remind you that you must trust yourself if you are ever to experience more of the magic.

But trusting yourself is useless if you fail to ACT.

To live a soul inspired life does not mean to simply slow down and hear your souls wisdom.

To live the soul inspired life requires TAKING ACTION on what our soul tells us. We must ACT.

This is the difference between living a mundane life and living a soul inspired life. Because the truth is that everybody wants the "thing" that represents the dream to them.

But few people are courageous enough to actually DO the thing or things that would help them realize the dream. And so they simply dream a dream that never lives. And they never know the magic.

Where do you struggle the most?

  • Do you have a hard time slowing down enough to hear your soul's wisdom? Are you too stuck in the need for proof, evidence, efficiency, results, and outcomes to hear the deeper wisdom of your soul and live in the magic?
  • Are you trapped in the debate about whether or not you're actually hearing your intuition or if it's just your mind making it up? Do you waver and doubt and go back and forth incessantly, never making a decision because you don't trust?
  • Are you stuck in the daydream and the fantasy, paralyzed by what it would mean or what it would require of you to actually take action? Do you keep saying "one day...." or "now is not the time yet"?

The truth is that we all struggle in one or all of these areas from time to time.

But for those who want to live a soul inspired life and to live according to their souls longing, for the brave and courageous who want to live a life filled with magic, we are called to get more conscious about our relationship to these three principles.

We are called to become passionate and dedicated to this way of living and to become the keepers of the magic, the tenders of the sacred fire.

A Return to Magic: The Soul Inspired Living Women's Retreat

Crabtree Falls

This October I'm inviting a handful of dedicated and courageous women who want to learn how to live in the magic of a soul inspired life to join me in Western North Carolina for a custom curated women's retreat.

The Soul Inspired Living Women's Retreat is for women who are ready to slow down and learn how to connect more deeply with themselves, with their own nature, their intuition and soul's wisdom, while also connecting with and being nourished by nature and the beauty of stunning mountains, trees, rivers and waterfalls indigenous to the area.

This retreat will be customized and specially curated for the unique group of women who feel the call to attend.

In general, it's designed to be a container of gentle holding so that you can expand more deeply into what's next for you in your own life as you begin to align with your own inner wisdom and love.

It's designed to be retreat for respite, nurturance, connection, and sacred ritual.

We'll be connecting with each other, with nature, going for waterfall hikes and basking in the natural beauty of these sacred mountains while learning to decipher the deeper calling of our hearts and souls.

I received some great downloads about this retreat last week during a hike to a nearby waterfall and I'll have more of the juicy details available for you very soon.

In the meantime,​ if you are a courageous woman dedicated to learning to live in the magic of your soul's wisdom then get on the retreat VIP list now ​so that you can stay in the loop as more details become available.



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