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The Gift of Chaos and Bringing Forth What is Within You

The greatest gift of what we are being faced with in the world right now is the incredible opportunity to come face to face with how we are choosing to live our lives.

It is in times of fear and uncertainty that we are each invited towards a deeper surrender which holds the potential to bring us to a deeper UNION with life, and ultimately to a deeper TRUST in what is asking to be brought forth from deep within us. 

For some of us what is being called forth is a greater desire to serve, to use our gifts, to contribute to the creation of a NEW EARTH. 

For others what is being called forth is our SHADOW material—all the unfinished business that we have not wanted to confront, that we have denied, avoided, and tried to run away from--- the shadow self which is grounded in separation and fear, founded on duality, and governed by it’s obsession with self-preservation and survival; rooted squarely in the TERROR of DEATH. 

Regardless of which category you find yourself in, know that this time we are in right now is extremely powerful. 

For it is from CHAOS that the greatest opportunity for change occurs.

It is through CHAOS that the old structures come crashing down so that new possibilities may be born from the ashes. 

It is in the midst CHAOS that we are clearly shown if we are acting from LOVE or from FEAR. 

So whatever it is that is arising within you today, I invite you to consider the words of a wise mystic from ancient times who once said "What you bring forth will SAVE you…. what you do not bring forth will DESTROY you…..”

Because NOW is the critical time to bring forth ALL that is hidden within you: Be that your shadow, your fear of death, your gifts, or your desire to step into co-creation of a new world. 

Bring it ALL forth.

Because in confronting our SHADOW we heal the separation, we dissolve the duality. (In running form our shadow we generate more separation,suffering and pain.)

In bringing forth our GIFTS we serve the new creation and the potential for the birth of a new reality, a New Earth. (In denying our gifts we rob the world of it’s birth right to express itself through us.) 

What you bring forth will SAVE you. What you do not bring forth will DESTROY you.

And it is only your FEAR, your hesitation, your DOUBT, that keeps you from realizing that the Kingdom of Heaven is here NOW-right where it has always been—both within you AND outside of you—if only you had the eyes to see.

May peace be with you.


Morgan Susan Taylor

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