Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

This Makes Me Really Sad...

Recently a woman came to me seeking help for her marriage. She had known for a very long time that her husband was not satisfied with the sex.

She also was frustrated and admitted that she had no idea what she really wanted or needed sexually.

She labeled herself as a “low desire” woman” --which I know all too well from working with hundreds of women over the past decade, that most women are not in fact “low libido” it’s just that they don’t understand how their sexuality and desire actually work and their partners are equally in the dark.

And the thing that makes me really sad was that she said she intuitively she knows that if she doesn’t do something about this situation, then within a year she knows she’ll end up divorced.

Yup. Hubby will leave her.

And I hate to say this, but she’s probably right. I’ve seen it happen all too frequently.

And truth be told, this is the one thing I hear the most frequently from women who come to me for help restoring intimacy in their marriages: the fear of losing their marriage to divorce.

The second thing I hear the most frequently is the fear that one of them will end up cheating.

Now I’ve personally been through a divorce. And sadly I’ve also experienced being cheated on.

So I know what it’s like. And it’s not something I would wish on anyone! And even less so when the primary issue leading to the divorce or cheating is something so solvable!

I know from my own personal experience that when we receive a real education on sex and intimacy, and when we as women learn how to access what we want and learn to speak up for it, when we take responsibility of our own pleasure in the relationship, and begin to help our partners learn us (rather than constantly sacrificing ourselves just to keep them happy) everything can change.

How I arrived at this knowing began with my own journey of sexual self-discovery and asking myself some really important questions:

  • Who am I as a woman?
  • Who am I as a sexual and sensual being?
  • How does my body work?
  • How does my sexual energy work?
  • How can I find a way to feel deeply connected to a partner through love and not "just sex"?
  • How can I experience more pleasure, joy, and deep connection? How can I turn sex something truly spiritual and meaningful rather than just a transaction that was over in 10 or 15 minutes?
  • Where is the key? What is the pathway?

And when I found the answer to these questions, what I discovered was that as women we literally have the power to create the circumstances for love, pleasure, deep connection and orgasm right here within our very own bodies.

​This led me to my Ah-ha moment where I realized:​

  • Nobody "brings" love to us. Nobody "delivers" an orgasm to us on a platter. Nobody even "gives" us pleasure.​
  • Love, pleasure and orgasm are already inherent within us. Right there within our very own bodies! All we need to do is learn to create the circumstances within ourselves for these things to naturally arise.​
  • The problem is that we often block access to these things due to many factors that influence us; most notably our social conditioning around sex and our utter lack of true education about sex in general.

And once I had found my own Pathway to Pleasure and discovered this inherent potential within myself I realized two REALLY IMPORTANT things:

1. Nobody else is responsible for creating love, pleasure, or orgasm for me!

2. I could experience these things in any intimate relationship because I now knew how to create the circumstances for them to naturally arise from within me.

After this realization I became truly empowered.

Because love, pleasure, and orgasm was no longer such a mystery or an evasive experience dependent on someone else.

​Depth and meaning became something that I could create and not something I had to put pressure on my partner to create for me.

​I noticed that it was my own obstacles to pleasure that put limits on my ability to experience connection, love and depth in sex, not necessarily something my partner was doing or not doing.

This epiphany moment was the beginning of my passion to help other women like you learn and experience what I had discovered.

This is also the reason I am here with you today as a licensed professional sex therapist and intuitive coach who has helped scores of women and couples restore intimacy, save their relationship and get back to love (without the self-sacrifice or years of couples therapy)

What this means for you is that your relationship doesn’t don’t have to fall apart just because right now you don’t know what you want, or you think you are low libido, or your partner wants it more than you, or you don’t two how to speak up for your needs, or because you are afraid that divorce may be looming in your future.

Because there is a solution (and it’s not divorce or cheating) and I just so happen to have the roadmap.

Imagine having a professional sex therapist in your back pocket for a full 15 weeks:

  • Imagine if you could be guided step by step through the process of discovering and dissolving your own inner obstacles to pleasure and love, while learning how to access your desire, know what you want, use your voice to speak up for your needs.
  • ​What would be different if you could get in the driver’s seat of your libido rather than feeling like a victim of it?
  • ​And what would it be like if you could restore intimacy in your marriage so you could sleep at night, no longer having bad dreams of the impending doom of divorce?

I’m opening up 4 spaces in my 15 week women’s sexuality mentoring program for next month.

This is the Maserati of my offerings where I take you step by step through my proven process that has helped scores of women restore intimacy, save their relationship, and get back to love.

And I'm offering two incredible spring BONUSES:

  1. A big time spring tuition savings of over $2,000!!
  2. And a ton of my 1:1 private coaching and support so you get my individualized and customized attention and support every step of the way.

This offer is valid for a limited time ONLY and I only have 4 spots available.

So if now is so your time to finally resolve the intimacy issues in your marriage so that you can sleep soundly at night without that knot of anxiety in the pit of your stomach, then go here now to learn more and apply to join me next month

This will be a life changing experience that will be one of the best investments you've ever made in yourself and the future of your relationship.



P.S. This is my premium signature program for women. It’s high touch and high value designed and proven to deliver lasting tangible results:

  • It’s for women who are tired of sacrificing themselves to keep their partners happy.
  • It’s for women who are at a place where they are ready to invest in themselves and in a proven step by step solution that gets real results.
  • It’s for women who are ready to take the time, make the commitment, invest the resources, and experience massive results.
  • It’s for women who are ready to say yes to themselves and to saving their relationships.

Is this you? ​Click here now to learn more and apply. ​

P.P.S. Some women worry what their husbands would think if they were to begin a program focused on women's sexuality.

And it's true that some husbands do in fact raise eyebrows when they first hear about it! But rest assured, husbands enjoy the fruits of your labors and have had nothing but rave reviews.

Here’s what the husbands of two of my graduates had to share:

"With what my wife learned from working with Susan has helped us learn as a couple how to really be present with one another in ways that we weren't before. We have learned how to just grow in those moments together and be one in a way that we've only ever heard about before and in ways that we never really could have even imagined. This experience has been truly life changing for us."

-Erik Harvey, Austin, TX

"When my wife began studying with Susan my initial reaction was “hey, that’s great – Susan seems really grounded.” As they began sessions together, however, what I saw emerge and take shape in my wife was a steadily growing sense of self and self-confidence. But what was as equally striking as witnessing the changes in my wife, was noticing the changes that occurred in me as a result. The work that my wife was doing with Susan created a space for me to see my wife in a new way, and in a way that increased my own capacity to see her and to love her for who she really was. I unconditionally recommend Susan.”

-Dave Evans, Austin, TX

Ready to have your own husband raving? Go here now to learn more and complete an application today. ​

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