Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

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Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

TouchPoint 2023 
For Badass Individuals
and Power Couples

By Invitation Only
Ever 4th Tuesday
Beginning Tuesday January 24th 2023
11:30am CST

This is for you.....

My dear client who has recently wrapped up working with me......You've done a lot of work over the past few months. I have seen you grow, make progress, and show up for yourself and your relationship in new ways that have literally been a gamechanger for your future...

...And you don't want to lose all that juicy momentum that you've built up. Yet you also don't need a whole big container of support to hold you anymore. The training wheels are coming off and you are ready to coast on your own for awhile, but you'd still like someone to hold the handlebars for you to keep you on the path. 

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This is for you....

My dear client who has worked with me in the past and whom I haven't seen in a while......You too have done a lot of work and come a long way too!  You would like to work with me again but you don't feel you need a big container of support to hold you and you wish there were a way to get what feels like just enough but not too much.

You want some custom check in time with me--as always specially tailored to you--and the idea of valuable tidbits of education and loving nudges would serve you well at this time. 

To you, ALL of my clients.....I love you and can't wait to support you in 2023 with my newest program designed exactly for you. Welcome to TouchPoint 2023.

Consider this is your formal invitation.....

What is TouchPoint?

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TouchPoint 2023 is a custom curated program designed to provide ongoing coaching, counseling, education and support in the field of intimacy, relationships, sexuality and spirituality in a cost effective container that almost anyone can afford. 

The program consists of one monthly Masterclass educational call conducted via Zoom, occasional Community Connect group coaching calls scheduled periodically, and one monthly 30-40 minute private individual coaching session with me each via phone call or Zoom. 

All Masterclass educational calls are recorded and will be accessible to members on the learning dashboard for the length of the membership. Community Connect calls are not recorded. 

Each monthly Masterclass will focus on a different topic related to relationships, intimacy, communication, sexuality, and spiritualty.  To ensure a solid container and that you get the best experience from the program, an initial three month commitment is required but you can cancel anytime after fulfilling your three month commitment. 

Why TouchPoint 2023?

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I created the TouchPoint program out of seeing a need for my clients to have continued support after completing an intensive program with me but when meeting regularly or intensively was no longer necessary.

I find that most people need a transition period when integrating their progress back into their regular lives.  You will have greater chance at lasting success with a solid support system in place.

I have also found that many clients who complete a program with me wish to return to working with me but do not need an extensive container. The TouchPoint program provides an excellent way to continue your growth and education while still receiving accountability within a manageable commitment of time and resources. 

I also have noticed that there is a huge benefit to us connecting as a community. Each individual and couple experience similar challenges and it is easy to think we are all alone when we are not. There is a powerful healing force that can happen when we allow ourselves to be witnessed by others who are travelling on a similar path. We cannot become ourselves by ourselves and community is integral to our growth as humans. 

The  Touchpoint 2023 Program allows me to deliver all of this ongoing support at an excellent value.

Who Should Participate?

The TouchPoint program is open to both individuals and couples who are former or current clients of Susan Morgan Taylor, MA and Pathway to Pleasure Collective and who want to keep their growth and education going while receiving ongoing support and guidance through regular monthly "touchpoints". 

This program is by invitation only. If you are reading this then you are formally invited to participate!

If you feel you'd benefit from additional education and support by having a regular "touchpoint" that supports your ongoing learning and personal therapeutic goals this program is for you. 

What's Included?

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  1. One Monthly Masterclass on a different topic each month. Monthly Masterclass calls are conducted live via Zoom on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 11:30 CST.  (a $95 value)
  2. Periodic Community Connect group coaching calls. This is a chance to connect as a community, share experiences, ask questions and get some targeted coaching. Additionally, If there is additional material from any of the previous Masterclasses this will be addressed during a Community Connect call. (a $65 value).
  3. One monthly 30-40 minute private coaching call with Susan for individualized support. Private calls are conducted via telephone and may be booked at your convenience subject to Susan's availability. (a $225 value)
  4. Access to the learning dashboard where you can access all previous calls at anytime for the length of your membership. (a $300 value)
  5. Weekly email prompts to keep you motivated and support your integration of the principles related to the topic of each month. (a $75value)

Total Program Value=$750 per month

Total Cost to You= $247 per month

Enrollment Details

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Program Tuition: $247 per month

Commitment: To ensure a solid container and so that you maximize your benefit from the program, a three month minimum commitment is required at the outset. You're free cancel your participation anytime thereafter.  

Dates and Times: All Masterclass calls happen on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 11:30am CST and replays will be made available. Community Connect Calls will be scheduled as needed on a periodic basis, details will be emailed prior to the call. Your private 30-40 minute 1:1 sessions may be booked at your convenience using Susan's online booking calendar which will be provided to you upon registration. 

Recordings and Replays:

  • All Masterclass Zoom calls will be recorded and replays made available in the learning dashboard. 
  • Community Connect calls are not recorded and replays will not be available. 
  • Private sessions are not recorded. 

Start Date: Our first Masterclass call will be held on Tuesday January 24th at 11:30 AM CST. We then meet every fourth Tuesday thereafter at 11:30am CST ongoing until the end of the year or until you cancel your participation. 

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Masterclass Topics for 2023

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Lesson #1: Tuesday January 24th- Introduction to Tantra: Core Principles 101

Lesson #2: Tuesday February 28th- The Art of Sacred Relationship

Lesson #3: Tuesday March 28th- Advanced Communication Skills for Deepening Connection

Lesson #4: Tuesday April 25th- Skills for Negotiating Positive Sexual Experiences

Lesson #5: Tuesday May 23rd-The Anatomy of Pleasure

Lesson #6: Tuesday June 27th- Introduction to Sexual Polarity

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Questions? Need More Info?

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or to enroll via phone. 

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