Trust, Confidence and the Moment
I Stopped Wishing I Could
Re-incarnate as a Housecat

I spent the better part of 2018 in total struggle.  I felt lost in my professional work, insecure in my life direction, and totally confused about how to move forward.

I kept praying for answers. For direction.  For grace. 

But honestly I really just wanted to be like my housecat Lilly and to curl up into a ball and sleep myself into oblivion all day.

The one thing that kept me sane during this time of darkness was my daily spiritual practice. 

I developed a habit of sitting every single day at my prayer altar and practiced opening myself to God.

Whether I had five minutes or five hours in my day for this did not matter. 

With total faith and commitment, I vowed to show up for myself every single day like this, and practice receiving the presence of God within me.

Now if you have no idea what I mean by the “presence of God” that’s OK. I get that this sounds a little bit esoteric or even “religious”.

I am actually not religious at all. 

I think religion takes us away from what actually matters most--the simple practice of simply loving God.  With its dogma and hierarchies and endless distracting battles and disagreements over what is acceptable or not in the eyes of God, religion to me is a total waste of time.

But we ALL have the capacity to invite the presence of the Divine to enter into us.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON has this ability.

Not just the “chosen” (whatever the hell that means anyway), not just because you go to church faithfully every Sunday, and not because you are a doer of good deeds and feed the homeless once a year. 


EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the SOVEREIGN  AUTHORITY to invite the divine presence into their physical body and life.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the SOVEREIGN  AUTHORITY to experience this “presence”  as a lived, felt, palpable energy of loving warmth and presence.

THE ONLY thing required of you is to INVITE this presence into your body, soul, heart mind, and life.

And you must also learn to consciously CULTIVATE your capacity to open and receive it. 

We often get things backwards because most of us have been told at one time or another that it is “better to give than to receive”.  But in divine law as I have come to experience it--we are actually called to open ourselves to receiving first.  And from the deep gratitude that arises as we open ourselves to unconditionally receiving---we are naturally led towards the giving.

Once you get the hang of this sacred practice, the two in fact become one, there is no separation between them.

The more you expand your capacity to receive the more you expand your capacity to give---it becomes a spiritual practice of flow and union.  The result is that this simple practice of love in action has the power to take us directly into a deeper TRUST and UNION with life itself.

Wouldn’t you rather learn to feel totally supported by life—deeply trusting it and deeply trusting yourself--- rather than keep going on the hamster wheel of “personal development” where we are led to believe that our human condition is something that we must control, manipulate, heal, change, or cure?

I know I would! And I have. And this has made ALL the difference. 

If you feel these words to be true for you and if the idea of coming into a flow of a deeper trust with life and with yourself sounds like something you want more of, I would love to support you on that journey. 

Message me and let’s talk.  

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