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Learn the Secret Jedi Mind Trick that Turns Conflict into Connection
- Instantly

You know how it goes.  You feel hurt by something your partner did or said.

Then he feels disrespected by how you reacted.

He thinks you are over reacting. You think he was totally inconsiderate of your feelings.

Then the bickering starts. You either want to keep pushing until you get your way--- until he

A. Hears you

B. Sees you

C.  Validates your feelings

D.  Or apologizes dammit!-

Or option E: 

You feel like running straight out the door (and are maybe even secretly considering exiting the relationship altogether).

You are both fighting to be HEARD, to be VALIDATED. To be SEEN.

Your heart hurts.

You HATE this CONFLICT soooo much!!! 

So you keep on trying to convince, defend, and prove your case and why you’re right, hoping he’ll get the picture.

Problem is…..NOBODY IS LISTENING! Not you, not your partner---

  • Because you are both too busy trying to be “RIGHT”.
  • You are both too busy trying to be “validated” and “heard” that nobody is doing either.
  • Instead you are just arguing, bickering, picking away at one another, and totally destroying the loving connection that you both so badly want.


Because the TRUTH is that there is a SECRET CODE that when used effectively, will instantly disarm your upset partner like magic.

There is a SECRET KEY that when used will unlock the door to connection, empathy and understanding

The only challenge to this secret wisdom is that:

#1. You have to know first what this “secret” code is


#2.  You have to develop the SKILL to actually USE it in the midst of the conflict (this is actually the hardest part).

The good news is that:

#1. I am a trained PROFESSIONAL in this JEDI MIND ART and I can share this insiders secret with you.


#2. I will be sharing this secret with you and show you how to actually USE it in “The Intimacy Keys” A FREE 5 PART Online LIVESTREAM Training happening at 2pm on December 9th-13th.

During The Intimacy Keys 5 Part Free Livestream Training You Will Learn:

  • What this Jedi mind trick is and how to use it to turn any conflict into connection in an instant.
  • Why women in long term relationships often develop “low sexual desire” and what to do about it.
  • Why we need a new understanding of sex, intimacy and love if we are to truly be fulfilled in relationship.
  • The three feminine fears that keep you from the love and connection you most long for and how to overcome them.
  • The negative patterns that you are unconsciously repeating that limit your pleasure.

 Get on the guest list for this free training here now  

And mark your calendar to join me LIVE at 2pm December 9th-13th. Details for how to join the livestream will be emailed to you after you register here 

Or call
to make an appointment. 

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