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  1. The Secret Jedi Mind Trick that Can Turn Conflict into Connection

    Dec 03, 19 08:35 PM

    You know how it goes. You feel hurt by something your partner did or said. Then he feels disrespected by how you reacted. He thinks you are over reacting. You think he was totally inconsiderate of you…

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  2. OMG. You won’t believe what the “professionals” told her!

    Nov 26, 19 09:00 PM

    Ok y’all, yet again I have to rant on this one. Just had a woman tell me that every professional she has seen (and shes visited quite a few!) has told her that it is “normal” for a woman to NOT have a…

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  3. Women, How Well do You Know this Story

    Nov 14, 19 09:33 PM

    You know how when your partner does or says something that really ticks you off, but then you don’t say anything about it because you want to “keep the peace”? Or you consider yourself a “non-confront…

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