Who I Work With

I work with individuals and couples in Austin, TX and around the world who are ready to make big changes in their life and relationship and who consider growth to be their highest value. 

Most of my  clients have been on a spiritual path for some time, and are familiar with the world of personal development and the human potential movement.

My specialty area is in helping to restore intimacy and connection for low desire women and couples. 

All are Welcome Here

I welcome individuals of all sexual orientations, genders, skin colors, spiritual or religious beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

My clinical competencies however, lie primarily in working with heterosexual, lesbian and  bi-sexual individuals and couples in long term relationships.

I do not feel qualified or competent to work with the transgender population at this time. 

Bias Disclaimer

I am a white, cisgender,  mostly heterosexual, able-bodied, educated, middle class woman which predisposes me to certain privileges and biases as these attributes are inherently accepted as "normal" by the dominant culture. 

I am consistently educating myself and working to become more aware of my biases and privileges and to do my part in creating a more sociably equitable and just world.  I'm a work in progress.

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