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How Well do YOU Know this Story?

You know how when your partner does or says something that really ticks you off, but then you don’t say anything about it because you want to “keep the peace”? Or you consider yourself a “non-confrontational person”, so you don’t bring it up.

But then days and even weeks go by and you have still not said anything about it because you the “timing was never right” or because you “could not find the right words” to confront the issue?

And then you get all confused in the brain about what to say, whether or not it even matters if you say anything at all?

And then you even start to question your own reality, thinking “Maybe I am making a bigger deal out of this than I should?”

So you let it sit there nice an comfy under the rug for days…….weeks even…..and maybe even months or YEARS?

You keep hoping it will just fade away and you will be able to forget about it and move on.

(Yeah sure, it will fade away……just like that old head of lettuce you left in the drawer of the fridge three months ago that is now turning all black and slimy and scary in the drawer of the fridge—yeah, just like that---it’s just going to simply disappear one day!)

But you don’t forget about it.  That’s exactly the PROBLEM!

That moldy head of lettuce called resentment just keeps growing mold in your mind and your heart until eventually you feel distant, disconnected, angry, and totally uninterested in..…you know. 

Sound familiar?

But what if you knew exactly how to nip that entire process in the bud? To stop it before it ever even got to take root in your heart?

What if you knew exactly what to say and how to say it, and you had the CONFIDENCE to confront the situation head on and knew how to turn CONFLICT into CONNETION?

Now while I can’t help you with that moldy head of lettuce in the back of your fridge, I CAN show you I’ll show you how to ditch the resentment and get back to love.

Because as a sex therapist for women I can tell you that nothing is happening beyond the living room couch until that wall has come down.

But once it’s down---you’ll be down for a lot more than eating ice cream on the living room couch watching Netflix with your sweetie. You’ll probably even start to feel like doing a lot more than just “cuddling”.  And that makes for a happier relationship and a better world overall in my opinion.

So if you are a woman who struggles to FIND YOUR VOICE and actually USE IT and you  would like to experience what it is like to FEEL CONFIDENT in knowing exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it so that your partner can actually HEAR you, message me and let’s talk.  I’ll show you how to get back into connection and back to LOVE.


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