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Wake Up Woman! 
Find Your Voice, Ditch the Self-Sacrifice, and Get Back To Love.
(Even if you are "low libido" or just plain "too tired")

A Comprehensive Online Mentoring Program for Women Who Want to Restore Intimacy, Deepen Connection and Reclaim Their Feminine Sexuality. 

Applications are Open!

What is Eros?

Eros is the creative life force, our sacred human impulse towards love and intimacy.

Eros is our spiritual and primal urge to express ourselves through our creative essence as spiritual and physical beings fully embracing our sensuality and sexuality.

In our modern culture this vital life force has been repressed, misdirected, and often labeled as shameful or sinful or something to be feared controlled, and eradicated.

And when we as a society begin to shut down “down there” what results is an epidemic of depression, anxiety, rampant mental illness, feelings of disenfranchisement, disconnection, violence, abuse and war.

  • I believe it is time to return our sexuality to a state of greater balance, depth and sacredness.
  • I believe it is time to reclaim our bodies and vaginas as temples and portals to the holy realms of divine love.

And this can only be done when we as women take a stand commit to reclaiming our sexuality and sensuality through the reviving and re-igniting of our erotic energy for our own pleasure first and foremost.

This is why I created the Wake Up Woman! Program. 

 "With what my wife learned in the course, has helped us learn as a couple how to really be present with one another in ways that we weren't before.  We have learned how to just grow in those moments together and be one in a way that we've only ever heard about before and  in ways that we never really could have even imagined.  This experience has been truly life changing for us. Thank you Morgan!"

-Erik and Michelle Harvey, Austin, TX

Are You a Shut Down "Down There" Kind of Gal?

Does any of this sound like you?:

  • You feel shut down “down there”.
  • You have lost all interest in sex and have zero libido or sex drive.
  • Self pleasure repulses you or you avoid it because you “feel nothing”
  • You feel you have to perform or produce a certain result (like orgasm) in sex just to please your partner.
  • You fear your partner will leave you if you don’t orgasm or if you don’t give him/her the response you think he/she wants.
  • You default into giving as a way to avoid our own feelings of inadequacy and insecurity
  • You have started to start to hate on your body. You avoid looking in the mirror or wearing sexy clothing
  • You avoid sex like the plague and resort instead to chocolate, ice cream or fried chicken
  • You develop depression or anxiety.
  •   You avoid your deeper inner knowing telling you it’s time to change something in your life and maybe even ended up with bad PMS, period pain from the devil, menopausal hell, or other issues with your lady parts.

Don’t Feel Bad—I’ve Been There Too!

Yup. I too was once a shut down “down there” kind of gal.  Just like many women who feel shut down “down there” I could have cared less about it.  And sex was not something I gave two rats bottoms about.

 (Or at least that’s what I told myself….)

But in truth I felt disconnected, depressed, isolated and deeply unfulfilled.  I was often moody and irritable.  I could easily go six months and never once think about having sex with my partner much less actually desire it. 

When it came to sex, my mantra was a frequent combination of:

  • “I’m not in the mood”
  •  “Not now” 
  • Or some version of “Just get it over with”.

But secretly I longed for more…..that “unidentifiable more”……yet I had no idea how to create this “more” that I secretly longed for!

And Then I Found My Way Out

My journey into resolving this issue for myself, fueled by my desire NOT to repeat past frustrations and disappointments, led me to discover a fundamental truth about sex, pleasure, and love:

1.      Nobody "brings" love to us.  Nobody "delivers" an orgasm to us on a platter.  Nobody even "gives" us pleasure (it’s NOT possible and I will teach you why this is during the course!)

2.      Love, pleasure and orgasm are already inherent within us.  Right there within our very own bodies!  All we need to do is learn to create the circumstances within ourselves for these things to naturally arise.

3.      The problem is that we often block access to these things due to many factors that influence us; most notably our social conditioning around sex, the tendency to disconnect from our bodies and it’s emotions, and our utter lack of true education about sex and our femininity in general.

I created the Wake Up Woman! Program as a way to guide other women like yourself on the pathway to your own discovery of these fundamental truths.

Because once you understand them and experience them for yourself--you become truly free. 

  • Love is no longer so elusive.  
  • Sex is not such a mystery. 
  • And pleasure and orgasm become ways of life. 

That is exactly what I want to help you do too! 

But you also must understand that we live in a culture that is constantly working in opposition to us.  A culture that wants to make us all feel "dysfunctional". 

As women we shut down “down there” for numerous reasons:

 1.  Social conditioning that tells us it’s not ok to express our sexuality and that tells us we are sluts if we do.

 2.  Sex that falls far short of satisfying for us—it’s all about him and his pleasure or has become rote and routine.

 3.  A misunderstanding of pleasure—what it is and how it works.

4.  A misunderstanding of arousal and desire and how they actually function in a female body. 

 5.  Negative body image and a poor relationship (or no relationship) with our genitals

 6.  We are trapped in overdrive in a state of hyper-vigilance due to the overly masculine society we live in, obsessed with goals and productivity—and this is death to the feminine sexual essence!!

7.  Getting trapped in the toxic feminine patterns of resentment, guilt and self sacrifice.

But it Doesn't Have to Be This Way!

I am here to walk you out of this darkness. To show you a different reality.  One where you understand how your body, your feminine energy, your emotions, your arousal and your sexual desire work.

I'll show you  how to work with your feminine essence instead of against it.

I'll show you How to WAKE UP the parts of you that have been silenced, shut down, and shut off so that you can instead feel more love, connection, arousal, desire and energy in your life and relationship.

I will walk you OUT of the toxic feminine habits that are killing your sex drive and your relationship so that you feel more in control and know exactly what your needs are and how to get them met.

This is exactly WHY I created the WAKE UP WOMAN! Program!

Ana's Story

Ana came to me because her partner complained that she was not responding the way “he wanted her to respond during sex”. 

Like many women Ana blamed herself for this apparent “lack of response”.  After completing the program Ana had found a new freedom and confidence in herself as a woman. In Ana's own words:

"I  decided to take this course because I was struggling with my confidence personally and sexually.  My boyfriend had complained several times about my lack of response during sex, and I thought that the course could be a great way to gain another perspective and become more comfortable with myself. 

I started to realize that I had put so much responsibility and pressure on myself which I learned wasn’t entirely true or helpful! I discovered that my sexual happiness and confidence is definitely in my control and I don’t need to take pressure from my boyfriend.

Best of all, I learned to listen to my body and get out of my head and stop the negative self -talk."

 Want This Too? Apply to the Program Now.

Imagine For a Moment....

What if you actually understood how desire works in your own body vs. your partners body and how neither one is “wrong” just different?

What if you understood how to work with that difference instead of against it?

And what if you could learn how to “get in the mood” at will with just a few regular practices done each day?

What if you had some rock solid communication skills that could turn a potential argument into an opportunity for deeper connection?

And most importantly of all: What might be different if YOU took 100% responsibility for YOUR pleasure in your relationship?

What would be different is this:

  • You would no longer feel frustrated in your relationship. 
  • You would no longer blame yourself for not begin able to “satisfy” him or vice versa.
  • You would no longer tense up every time he attempted to touch you or be intimate with you.
  • You would know how to get your needs met.
  • You would know how to feel heard and seen.
  • You would feel like opening up sexually again.

If all this seems a far cry from where you are right now, please do not beat yourself up about it. Because the truth is that most of us don’t have the knowledge of how to change our challenges with sex, pleasure and intimacy on our own.

We don’t get the education or the support in our families, our schools or our society.  And most of us need a little outside support and help getting there. But nobody teaches us this stuff!

Until now that is.....

Ready to Break Free From This Erotic Bed Death?  How Does THIS sound instead:

 In the Wake Up Woman! Program You Will:

·  Be held in a sacred container for 12 weeks with other women who are also learning to go “all in” in learning and improving their relationship with themselves and their feminine sexuality.

·  Get back in the driver’s seat----Find your voice so that you can start to have more fun and freedom without feeling threatened or like you have to avoid sex or other situations where you feel afraid to lose control

·  Learn the anatomy of Resentment and how to dismantle it from taking root in your relationships ever again.

·  Identify when and how you are being controlled by your guilt and what to do to resolve guilt for good.

·  Receive a complete education in your female sexuality ---so that you can start to experience more pleasure connection, love and intimacy whether you’ve been or in a relationship for 20 years or 20 minutes (and even if you’re single):

·  Understand how your unique arousal works and

·  Get ideas for how to deal with mismatched libidos

·  Be empowered to work with your sexual energy to activate your arousal on your own terms

·  Know how to communicate about sex and more with your partner so that resentment never takes hold again

·   Do the inner work of intimacy and sex that nobody is teaching you –not even the sex gurus.

·  Learn All about orgasm and more…

"Participating in this program helped me to realize how important it is to take time from my busy life to nourish myself. I looked forward to each week’s practices and lessons.  My week felt easier and as a result I was able to complete tasks with ease and energy and engage in relationships from within my heart." -Shanon

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What the Other Sex Gurus Won’t Teach You

The Inner Work of Sex and Intimacy

Any guilt, resentment or other negative feelings you may feel right now are only a reflection of YOUR unconscious habit of not knowing how to navigate (with grace and ease and even joy!) those sticky moments in sex and intimacy where you feel overwhelmed because you:

1.  Don’t know what you want.

2. Default to giving in just to keep someone else happy.

3.  Abdicate your own authority over your experience because you have completely lost contact with your own wants and needs.

4.  Say yes when you really mean “no” and then get angry at your partner for it.

 It is largely this challenge with owning your voice and knowing how to USE it fed by guilt, resentment and the toxic feminine habits that is keeping you feeling disconnected, confused, and uninterested in intimacy. 

Beyond Orgasms and Hand Jobs

Most sexuality teachers out there are teaching you the techniques of  how to have more orgasms, give a great hand job, or how to get more of something from sex. 

But what I have learned is that more orgasms do not equal better sex.  They don’t necessarily bring you more connection with yourself or your partner.

More orgasms don’t help you find your desires, communicate your wants and needs, or be a better lover.  It is the inner work that bears these fruits.  

  • If you have not done the inner work, simply learning to have more orgasms will leave you feeling just as empty as when you started out—wondering where the “more” is that you really long for.
  • If you have not done the inner work you’ll be left always looking outside yourself to the latest “tool” or “technique” that promises to cure your disconnection but always ends up leaving you feeling empty.
  • If you have not done the inner work, you will keep avoiding your partners bids for connection, and as a result you’ll unconsciously be avoiding the one thing you long for the most: love and connection!

Beyond "Techniques and Tools"

Most of the other sex gurus out there are teaching techniques and tools, most of which can be found by doing a good Google search or reading a few books.

What I am going to teach you in Wake Up Woman! cannot be learned simply from reading a book or by conducting a Google search. 

Because the deeper emotional work of resolving guilt, releasing resentment, and understanding the moment by moment practice of love as a spiritual practice is not something that can be accomplished just by learning a few new “tools” or “techniques”. 

Tools can be useful.  Techniques do have value.  But they are merely a means to an end and not the end in and of itself.

And you can have all the tools and practices in the world but if you are still allowing shame, guilt, frustration, or other negative emotions lead you to avoidance, clearly you will not make progress.

You will be like-“Hey, this stuff isn’t working!”. And then you’ll get all mad and frustrated and you will probably just give up.

So in the Wake Up Woman Program we begin by FIRST learning how to:

  • Confront, embrace and expand our capacity to feel the emotional content that is at the heart of our challenges with pleasure, sex and intimacy. 
  • To navigate the waters of desire by understanding the limits we have unconsciously put on our own pleasure and how to get out of our own way.
  • To use our voices to communicate our desires and limits.
  • Practice the art of radical self -love and lean to protect ourselves by honoring our truth.

AND THEN I Show you how to:

  • Cultivate your erotic energy using simple daily practices
  • Manage your own sexual arousal and desire, bring it up or tone it down.
  • Learn about and play with different states and types of orgasm.
  • Apply techniques for giving and receiving touch and pleasure including how to enjoy giving oral sex to your partner (even if this is something you hate right now!)
  • Engage in the art of LOVE as a moment by moment spiritual practice. 

I'm In! Take Me To Program Application Now.

After Completing this Program You Will Be Able To:

  • Discern what you want and need so that you can create true boundaries and stop the knee jerk reactions of avoidance or rejection. 
  • Find and Use your voice so you no longer feel overwhelmed or confused when asked what you want or need.
  • Know how to get in touch with your desire so that you can clearly identify the difference between a yes and a no.
  • Understand how to protect yourself and keep yourself “safe” in relationship.
  • Activate your erotic life force energy so that you have more of it available.
  • Bring down the wall of resentment and resolve guilt.
  • Let go and strengthen your capacity for the feminine qualities of Trust, Surrender and Receptivity.

"I can’t express enough how much I have appreciated the opportunity to come together with a group of sensitive yet powerful and connected women. This course has opened me up to a softer more intuitive more loving more confident woman."

-PG Austin, TX

About Your Instructor: Meet Your Renegade Soul Guide, Mystic Priestess Healer, Rebel Therapist Freak!

I am a trained intuitive healer and coach, spiritual advisor, writer, teacher, speaker, and a sex therapist specializing in in women’s sexuality. 

(Please NOTE: this course is NOT counseling or therapy and should not be a replacement for mental health treatment). 

I have been studying and practicing yoga, meditation, sacred dance, and tantra for over twenty years. 

As the founder of The Pathway to Pleasure Collective, I I have been researching, studying, and learning and teaching about women’s sexuality for over 8 years with a specific interest in understanding and resolving the cores reasons so many women shut down to or lose interest in sex over time. 

I became so passionate about this topic in particular because it was once part of my own struggle and one that I saw so many other women also facing. The questions were plenty but the answers were few. 

After my own sexual awakening as I shared with you earlier, I set out on a mission to educate and help other women discover the same freedom that I had found, truly believing that we can change the world by how we have sex and  make love, and finally understanding that we as women truly hold the key. 

Sex and Spirit

One of my magic superpowers is the ability to weave together the practical with the sacred, to explain things through the lens of both science and spirituality.

Most other sexuality courses that I have seen out there focus heavily only in one area.

Either they lean heavily towards the spirituality side of things while ignoring the more practical challenges women face in sex and intimacy (like fundamental communication skills or methods to resolve the emotional baggage that kills the intimacy), or they are solely founded on western sexological approaches which completely ignore the spiritual and energetic aspects of sex and intimacy and rely only on medical models and scientific “proof”. 

In the Wake Up Woman! Program you get the best of both worlds as I weave the best of both together for you for a comprehensive learning experience.

"I feel like I am a new woman in so many ways. I have had major breakthroughs and shifts in my life. I am much more centered. I take care of myself. I stand up for myself in the moment-which was challenging to do in the past.

I feel like I am waking up to my life. It just feels wonderful-I must say."

-JW Austin, TX

Yes! Show Me How To Sign Up NOW. 

Are You Ready to Wake Up Woman?

  • Are you ready to join the new wave of women who are waking up to their power by reclaiming their relationship to sex ,pleasure and intimacy?

  • Are you ready to put an end to your toxic feminine habits that are destroying connection and love and instead become a living embodiment of LOVE itself, a CREATRIX of more love and connection on this planet and in your relationship?
  • Are you ready to re-connect with your TRUE source of power and feminine magnetism through your sexuality and your voice?

The Specifics

  • Wake Up Woman is a 4 Month Mentoring Program for women.
  • Attend from ANYWHERE in the World. 
  • Video lessons are released each week with plenty of time to integrate the learning.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you share your experiences and connect with others in the program. 
  • Each lesson focuses on a different aspect or teaching related to women's sexuality, feminine spirituality, and intimate relationships.
  • During each lesson you will provided with daily practices related to that weeks teaching that will help you further experience and embody the learning. You should plan to set aside 20-60 minutes each day for your practice. 
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls for more personalized support and guidance. 

Segment 1: "Awakening Your Feminine Power and Radiance"

During the first segment of the program you will learn now to create space and time for your daily practice, how to overcome the toxic feminine patterns that destroy connection, and learn to clear the emotional blockages from your body that are keeping you feeling frustrated and disconnected so that there is room for your radiant feminine life force to flow. 

Here are some of the themes we cover in the first segment:

  •  Overcoming Obstacles to Pleasure
  • Negative Emotions and Resolving The Three Fears of the Feminine
  •  Finding your Voice and Resolving Guilt and Resentment
  • Mapping Your Arousal and Accessing Desire
  •  Integration Week

Segment 2: "Reviving Eros" 

The second segment of the course is where you learn how to ignite and work with your sexual energy.  You will discover how arousal and desire function, how to map your own arousal patterns, and how to work with them consciously. Discover what it means to go beyond "just sex" and enter into the realm of sacred relationship. 

Here are some of the themes we cover in the second segment:

  • Activating Your Erotic Energy
  • Orgasms and More
  • Deep Sex: Moving Beyond the Physical
  • Communication and The Art of Sacred Relationship
  • Integration Week
  • The Sacred Arts of the Feminine

Segment 3*:  "Maps to Sovereignty"

This last phase of the course is an optional 2 month add on once you complete the first 16 weeks. of the Course.

This phase is about diving deep into the embodiment of your learning. 

Maps to Sovereignty is about applying the teachings more directly into your unique life situation and learning to integrate them into your intimate relationship.

You will you receive 2 private coaching session to help guide you more deeply into the approach to your healing and personal growth that is unique and specific to you.

This is all about finding and accessing your path to your own sexual , spiritual and relational Sovereignty and is an introduction to the yearlong private women's mastermind program "Maps to Sovereignty"  which is by invitation only.

I'm In! Show Me How to Apply.

Who this Program IS For:

This Program is For Women Who:

  • Have challenges with always “feeling bad” and then giving into saying “yes” a lot but then end up feeling resentful or angry.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the question “what do you want?” or “what do you need?”
  • Don’t understand what boundaries are or how to even create them. You’ve heard of boundaries, but they just sound like some sort of foreign country that you’d like to visit one day.
  • Are ready to learn what it means to take 100% responsibility for your sexuality and your pleasure.
  • Desire more freedom and fun in their intimate relationship.
  • Are willing to make the time to commit to regular practice.
  • Are willing to commit to being active in the course: comment and share in the forums, show up for the live calls as often as possible, and participate fully in the exercises.

Who this Program is NOT For:

This Program is NOT for you If:

  • You don’t “have the time” to commit to doing the work. Seriously. If you don’t do the work you will NOT get the benefit from the course so please do not sign up if you are unwilling to commit to making time for regular practice.
  • You are looking for a quick fix and think that all of your problems will be solved by just learning a few new tricks and techniques. (No they won’t, so please do not sign up if that is what you are looking for.)
  • You are unwilling to dig deeper into yourself and confront your negative emotions.  This course will stir thing up for you. You will be asked to feel.  If you cannot handle that it is best to not sign up for this course.
  • You are not willing to start taking 100% responsibility for your own pleasure. If you still want to blame someone or something else for your lack of progress so far, please do not sign up for this course.  Your journey with your sexual empowerment can only begin when you are ready to take radical responsibility for your own experience. 

"I took this course because I wanted to get more in touch with myself.  I always felt that I needed to please others without concern for how I felt or what I wanted. 

This course helped me see that by honoring who I a I have so much more to give. I can be who I am without the fear of what someone else might think"   

-Amy Katkic

Begin Your Journey Back to Love Through You Empowered Feminine Sexuality

During the Program You Will Receive:

  • A weekly video lesson with me teaching on a specific area of women’s sexuality, pleasure, and intimacy. Watch and learn at your convenience and on your own schedule. 
  • Weekly Individual Practices that you do each day which facilitate the clearing out of emotional blockages and enable the activation of your feminine radiance and sexual energy. 
  • Experiential Partnered Practices: Whether you decide to do these with your intimate partner or seek out a close and trusted female friend, these guided and structured practices will help you develop the skills  you need to have in order to feel empowered to create connection and intimacy with another--without the fear of hurting their feelings or continuing to sacrifice yourself for their happiness! (Practices are non-sexual but are highly applicable to sex and intimacy).

  • Access to a private Wake Up Woman! Facebook Group  where you can share and comment about your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance and support from Morgan and other women in the course
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls with Morgan where you get my personal support, guidance, teachings and coaching to help you go deeper into your own process and get your personal questions answered. 

Apply Now

Participation in this program is by application only.  Fill out the application below and hit submit. You will receive a link to schedule a discovery call with Morgan.  The discovery call is our chance to get to know one another and ensure you are good fit for this program. 

Wake UP! Call Application

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 "I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic course you put together to share with us. I am so amazed at how powerful the classes are.  I sign up once every 3 months for an online spiritual education course and I must say yours is one I am super satisfied with!"

What Happens After I Apply?

After you submit your application you will be redirected to a link where you may schedule your Intimacy Restoration Consultation with me.

During the call I take lots of time to listen to you and what your biggest challenges are as well as what your goals are.  There is also lots of time for you to ask questions about the program.

If it is determined that you are a match for the program an offer to join the program will be extended at the end of the discovery call.

Unfortunately I cannot accept everyone into the program who applies. 

Why Do I Have to Book a Call? Can't I Just Sign Up?

Sometimes we all need more information to make sure we are making the right choice for ourselves.  I want to make sure that the program is a fit for you as much as you are a fit for the program. The discovery call is an opportunity for us both to determine if working together is a good match.

"The most surprising aspect of taking the course was how it translated into my work life.  I was not expecting that! When I started connecting with myself during the work day  it chanced everything about how I was perceived in the office and how I was perceived as a woman.  I noticed that when my energy changed, peoples reactions to me started to change and that was very exciting!"
-Lyndsey Burrows Austin, TX

The Promise and Vision

My promise to you is an environment of love and compassion, safety and trust, and confidentiality where we as women can support one another on deepening our relationships with ourselves, our femininity and our beautiful and sacred sexuality. 

My vision is to equip you to be able to take what you learn in this program and bring the wisdom back into your life and relationships to elevate, heal and bring more love into your life, relationships, communities, and world at large--this is the way we change the world!

Are You Ready To.....?

Are you ready to join the new wave of awakening women who are passionate about reclaiming their REAL FEMININE power and strength by finding their voices, owning their TRUE desire, and reviving their connection to sex, pleurae and intimacy?

Are you so DONE with the self sacrifice, the confusion, and the Wall of Resentment?

Are you ready to start feeling heard and seen and actually feeling excited by KNOWING what you want and learning HOW TO GET IT?

Are you ready to take sex far beyond "just sex" and learn how to create more depth and connection in your relationship?

Are you ready to Wake Up, Woman?

 Yes! I'd Like to Apply Now!

The Inner Work of Sex and Intimacy

When "The Mood" Goes Missing (There's Usually a Reason....and It's NOT What You Think!)

We all know how it goes. The sex is great at the beginning of the relationship. But then after a few months (or even years if you’re lucky) something happens.

Something changes.

· Suddenly you are not “in the mood” anymore.

· Suddenly you just don’t “feel like it”.

· Suddenly you find yourself identifying as a “low desire woman”.

Or you start condemning your partner for having “too high” a sex drive, making him wrong for "only being interested in sex".

You may even give in once in a while just to get him to be quiet and to stop moping around the house (and to leave you alone in peace for just a few more days for godssake!).

The disconnect and the arguments ensue: someone is hurt because they don’t feel wanted.  The other person is upset because they feel like they are always giving and it’s still never enough.

You feel angry and frustrated and alone.  You feel hurt and confused.

And you bury your feelings.

Then days and even weeks go by and you have still not said anything about what’s up for you because you the “timing was never right” or because you “could not find the right words” to confront the issue.

And then you get all confused in the brain about what to say, whether or not it even matters if you say anything at all?

And then you even start to question your own reality, thinking “Maybe I am making a bigger deal out of this than I should?”

So you let it sit there nice an comfy under the rug for days…….weeks even…..and maybe even months or YEARS?

You keep hoping it will just fade away and you will be able to forget about it and move on.

But that’s exactly the problem. It doesn’t go away.  Instead it turns into….

The Wall

No, I don’t mean the Pink Floyd album. I mean the one wrapped around your heart.

The one you have gradually built over the years one stone at a time every time your partner has said something that hurt your feelings, every time he has done something stupid, every time he forgot your birthday or forgot to buy you flowers, or finished himself off in bed before you were satisfied.

Yeah. That one. 

Also known as THE WALL OF RESENTMENT. Yep. You know it’s true. Resentment: the harbinger of erotic bed death and the murderer of love itself.

And as you are likely already well aware, no woman ever  feels like getting it on in the bedroom when the Great Wall of China is there taking up all the space!

But you have spent so much time building this wall around your heart because you believe it keeps you safe.

You hide behind it as a way to protect your vulnerable feminine heart from more hurt, pain disappointment and, rejection.

You hide behind it as a way NOT TO FEEL.

And if you get really honest with yourself, you will admit that you erect this wall as a way to punish your partner. You grow cold. And then you start to wonder why you feel so disconnected. So alone. So lost.

And yet you are totally committed to keeping that resentment wall in place. You refuse to budge until your partner: apologizes, changes, gets a brain, grows a sac….whatever, fill in the blank, you get the idea!!

You think that having your wall up will somehow motivate him to get closer to you, that your complaining and criticizing will somehow motivate him to change.

And then you’re even more frustrated when your feminine war tactics fail.

Deep down you long to get back to the love that you once had. You crave the connection that was there at the beginning. Back when things were easy. When love seemed to be pouring from every cell of your being. And when things were so much less complicated.

But fear grips you from both ends when you realize you are terrified because you don’t even know how to bring the wall down and even if you did you are simultaneously terrified of letting it down—what will keep you safe then?!

This is exactly where I come in.

And this is exactly where this program is designed to meet you: EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AT RIGHT NOW.

In the Wake Up Woman Program I am going to show you how to dismantle that resentment one stone at at time.

I am going to show you how to connect with your deeper NEEDS that are hiding beneath the surface of your anger, your frustration, and your resentment.

I will show you how to USE YOUR VOICE--and YOUR TRUE POWER which is also deeply connected to your sexuality--to actively cultivate more LOVE, CONNECTION, AUTHENTICITY, and TRUTH so that you can experience the pleasure and depth in sex and intimacy that you truly long for. 

But you also need to also understand WHY your resentment comes to be in the first place. Because the truth is that your Wall of Resentment did not get there all by itself. 

In fact it had quite a bit of help.

Let me explain.....

Who’s the Captain at the Helm of Your Love Boat?

It’s not a new feeling for you.

In fact you have probably been carrying it with you since you were a child. Problem is that because GUILT has become such a familiar friend to you, you don’t even realize it’s there.

You don’t even realize how your guilty feelings are controlling every decision you make in your life. Especially when it comes to intimacy.

  •  How many times have you just “given in” to being intimate with your partner because you “feel bad” for saying “No”?
  • And how many times have you said “No” and then beat yourself up for it? 
  • Making yourself “feel bad” for not being “in the mood” or for not having as "high a libido" as your partner?

 This my friend is also known as our unwelcome bedfellow—GUILT

And here’s the thing: 

When you are susceptible to feeling guilty you are also susceptible to being manipulated by other people who subtlety (and often unconsciously) play on your weakness of “feeling bad for saying no”. 

And then one day you wake up EXHAUSTED from being in the chronic role of OVER GIVING. You discover that you have totally LOST yourself.

Suddenly you feel RESENTFUL and ANGRY and you don’t even know exactly why. 

And then your partner approaches you for sex and you go cold. Or maybe you snap or lash out in anger or self-protection. (Ugh!! There goes that wall again, rising up around your heart!)   

And then….. 

You find yourself months later wondering where the love went and why can’t things be like they were at the beginning?  Your partner is confused too. He feels rejected, shut out, and has almost given up trying. 

And this scares you. Because you know if you don’t fix this problem the whole thing may just come crashing down. Problem is you have no idea how to get back to the love and you once had. 

And sex? Forget it. It’s not even on the radar. 

You have no idea how to bring that heart wall down (hell you’re not even sure you WANT to bring it down because it doesn’t feel safe to!) 

But deep down you feel lonely, frustrated and sad. You long for connection, love and intimacy that is fulfilling—where it feels safe to connect in that way again—where you feel seen, heard, and cherished. 

Where you feel the LOVE you once felt and where intimacy once again brings you feelings of meaningful emotional connection and an overall sense of love. 

The truth is that you will never get back to this kind of place in your intimacy as long as GUILT is captain at the helm of your love boat.

Because guilt is sneaky. It is manipulative. It loves to hide behind excuses and platitudes. All the while leaving you feeling empty. Confused. And alone.

The Toxic Feminine

When you are busy building The Wall of Resentment around your heart (and your vagina), as a way to keep you "safe", and when you are unconsciously operating out of GUILT or FEAR you unconsciously fall victim to your toxic feminine. 

The toxic feminine resorts to the use of emotions as a way to elicit or control someone else's behavior. 

The toxic feminine habits are COVERT, sneaky and manipulative. 

And most of the time this "manipulation" is not even something you are doing on purpose--it is just your default mechanism.  It is your knee jerk reaction that you have used to try to keep yourself "Safe".  Problem is that:

The toxic feminine is the KILLER of connection and the EXECUTIONER of love itself.

Does any of this sound familiar?:

  • When asked “What’s wrong” you smile and say “I’m fine” though inside you are spitting fire and want to wring his neck.  And then you hold onto this anger for days, weeks, maybe even months.

  • When asked “So, where do you want to go for dinner?” you respond “Oh wherever, you pick. I’m good with anything.” when that’s not really the case. And then you end up resenting him for not being more “sensitive” to your needs or for not “intuiting” your wants.

  • You act like a victim as a way to try to make your partner “feel bad” and ultimately as a way to try to get him to do what you want him to do. 

  • You withhold love and affection as a way to try to get more attention from him. (Seriously sister how often has this actually ended well for you?)

  • You don't say what you really want or need out of a fear that if you do he will get upset, be “annoyed” with you, leave or break up with you. (This is the quintessential feminine fear of abandonment at play.)

Why does this matter and what does this have to do with Sex, Pleasure, and Intimacy?

Your toxic feminine habits are unconsciously driven by your deep sense of POWERLESSNESS.

You unconsciously resort to them because you are fundamentally disconnected from your TRUE source of FEMININE POWER which is FUNDAMENTALLY connected to your SEXUAL ENERGY.

When you are disconnected from your sexual energy you will also be disconnected from the other source of your TRUE FEMININE power: YOUR VOICE.

The result? You will fall prey to using these feminine war tactics as a way to try to get your unmet needs met.

The problem is, it seldom works. 

Because at the core of these toxic feminine habits lies a deep seated feeling of helplessness. This helplessness is born from your lifelong frustration of not knowing how to adequately get your needs met.

And if you continue to allow the toxic feminine to rule your relationship, it will ALWAYS and ONLY lead you to more resentment, anger, frustration, and more feelings of disconnection and separation.

The Way Out and Back to Love

The good news is that there is a way out of this state of loveless, sexless,  disconnection. And I just happen to be an expert guide!

Here's the TRUTH:

1. Your wall is the ONLY thing keeping you from love.

2. Only YOU can bring the wall down

Resentment has a particular anatomy: It has a predictable structure of how it comes to be within our system and our psyche.

Guilt has a particular tone or flavor.  It resides within your body as a felt sense silently dictating your choices and behaviors.

The way of FREEDOM and the pathway back to LOVE, SEX, INTIMACY and PLEASURE begins when you learn how to release resentment, resolve the guilt and  prevent either of them from every taking root in your heart again. 

  • What if you knew exactly how to nip this entire process in the bud? To stop it before it ever even got to take root in your heart? 
  • What if you knew exactly what to say and how to say it, and you had the CONFIDENCE to confront the situation head on and knew how to turn CONFLICT into CONNECTION?
  • What if you were truly EMPOWERED To CREATE LOVE AND CONNECTION at WILL so that sex no longer feels like "just sex".
  • What would it feel like if you no longer rejected or avoided sex with your partner because you are no longer holding anger or resentment?
  • What if you looked forward to sex because you knew how to use it as away to surrender more deeply into LOVE and as a tool for personal healing. 

This is what I am going to empower you to do in the Wake UP Woman Program. 

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