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What is Sex Therapy?

What is Sex Therapy?

What is sex therapy? Sex therapy is a specialty within the mental health and counseling field that focuses on helping clients with problems and concerns around human sexuality, relationships, and intimacy.

Human sexuality as an area of specialty in the mental health profession has many dimensions in terms of what any one professional may focus on in their practice. 

For example one professional may be well versed in working with the specific challenges faced by the LGBTQ community while another may specialize in infertility and perinatal loss.  

At Pathway to Pleasure we specialize in women's sexuality which in and of itself has many different areas of potential focus: low desire, painful intercourse, miscarriage and perinatal loss, sexual abuse and trauma,  just to name a few!

If you are seeking the help of a sex therapist and considering sex therapy as a potential solution for your problem it is helpful to inquire what the sex therapist's specialty areas are and what particular populations or issues they have experience working with. 

Keep in mind that sex therapists spend all day every day talking about sexual issues with their clients and have specialized training in working with sexual problems. 

You can rest assured that a sex therapist has helped many clients with issues similar to yours and they are very comfortable in helping you find a solution to your sexual challenge.

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What to Expect in a Sex Therapy Counseling Session

A sex therapy counseling session is very much like any counseling session with the exception that the focus is on sexual challenges.  

Typically sex therapy begins with the therapist taking a complete sexual history.  A sexual history may include sharing with the therapist information about your upbringing, how you first learned about sex, the positive or negative messages you received about sex from your family, peers, and educators, etc.

While this may feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, your sexual history can often reveal some of the original roots of the presenting sexual challenge in the here and now and is an important aspect of an effective sex therapy treatment plan.

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