Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

What is Tantra?

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The word “Tantra” has been thrown around a lot in the intimacy and sexuality space. But most of what I see the mainstream propagating about this sacred an ancient wisdom path is all wrong.

  • It’s touted as a series of techniques and practices to enhance sex drive, arousal and orgasm.
  • It’s touted as a way to “get more of what you want” from your partner and from life.
  • It’s entirely focused on sex practices like staying harder longer or having bigger orgasms.

These descriptions of “tantra” are what sell products, courses, and classes. They're trendy and mainstream but this is not what Tantra actually is.

So then, what is Tantra?

  • Tantra, in it’s essence, is a set of principles which form a foundation for an integrated spiritual practice that leads us naturally to a place of deeper connection and intimacy with self, other, and life.
  • Tantra is an approach to life, intimacy, sex and relationships rather than a series of trendy techniques or something you “do”.
  • Tantra is a practice of non-separation, a path to union, that ultimately leads to self-realization and a lived experience of the divine.

Have you heard about “tantra” and been interested in learning more? Maybe you’ve read a few books on the topic or listened to some podcasts but don’t yet have a way to apply the book knowledge in any kind of meaningful way to your real life.

Or maybe you just want to keep working on enhancing your relationship in 2023 and would like to have some expert guidance to help you add a little magic to your year.

If this is you then you might be interested in the first of a series of masterclasses I am teaching as part of a new offering I am launching at the end of January.

The TouchPoint program is open only to former and current clients and is by invitation only.

It consists of one monthly Masterclass on a different topic and one monthly private 1:1 “touchbase” session with me and is open to both individuals and couples for the same fee.

The cost for this program is also super reasonable so before you run away thinking "I can't afford it" click here for the cost details.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll learn:

  • The ancient spiritual roots of tantra and why this is relevant to your life right now.
  • The three core principles of tantra and how to begin incorporating them into your life to deepen connection, enhance intimacy and expand your orgasmic potential.
  • Why these core principles are a total gamechanger both in the bedroom and beyond.

​For a complete description of the Touchpoint program and to view other upcoming masterclass topics please visit the webpage here.

All Masterclass calls are recorded and replays will be made available on your learning dashboard where you can access them for the lifetime of your participation. So if you cannot make the live class don't worry! you'll still be able to get the value from this program.

What else is Included?

The TouchPoint program also includes:

  • One monthly private 1:1 session with me booked at your convenience.
  • Weekly email prompts for journaling/reflection to help keep you focused and on track.
  • An occasional community connect group call where we meet as a community and you receive coaching, support, and connection.

​Click here to learn more or to register.

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