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The Misconceptions About Sacred Sexuality

Whether you’ve heard the term sacred sex before or this is an entirely new concept, you may have some questions. Perhaps you’re wondering just what sacred sexuality is. Or, it may be something you’re interested in learning more about because you want to “fix” your sex life. Whatever your reasons for looking into sacred sex and what it means and doesn’t mean, welcome.

It’s Not Always the Sex We Think Of

For most people sex means penetration or orgasm. Sacred sexuality can include one or both but doesn’t necessarily include either. A sacred sexual act can be simply touching, but what it needs to include is and enjoyable act and that you’re present and relaxed.

You’re Not Worshiping Anyone or Anything

All too often people associate the sacred with religion. Although sacred sexuality is also known as tantric sex which has some religious/spiritual basis, you can practice sacred sex in any religion. In fact, through practicing of sacred sex, many people find release from the bonds that their faith taught them regarding intimacy and pleasure.

Sacred or Tantric Sex Can Be Monogamous Sex

Television and movies have created this misconception. Sacred or tantric sex can be monogamous sex. It’s not about multiple relationships, it’s about finding greater enjoyment and connection through lovemaking with your partner, whomever that may be.

It’s Not About Positions or Techniques

Although tantric sex and Kama Sutra both have roots in India, they’re not the same. Again, because sacred sex is more about connection and pleasure than position, two people practicing sacred sex may choose any position from missionary to something from the Kama Sutra as long as it brings pleasure and satisfaction.

Let Me Help You Uncover the Truths About Sacred Sex

If you’re looking to connect with your partner on a more intimate level or enjoy sexual intimacy more, contact me, Susan Morgan Taylor. Book your complimentary virtual consultation today by clicking here or call me at (512) 766-7072.

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