Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Erection Coach
Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

What is an erection coach and why do you need one?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one is one of the most common challenges men face when it comes to sexual health. Challenges with getting and maintaining an erection degrade confidence and sexual satisfaction and contribute to performance anxiety. 

This creates a negative feedback loop that for some men seems impossible to escape from.  Your mind takes over and you become obsessed with the fear that you won't be able to satisfy your partner.  Which only makes your hard on more elusive and difficult to attain. 

Relying on Viagra or other medications to solve your ED is a losing battle.

Over time you will accumulate a tolerance for the medication and you'll need more and more to get the same results you originally got.

Plus those meds come with some pretty dangerous side effects and they are NOT a good long term solution to your erectile dysfunction issues. 

What many men do not know is that ED can be addressed in a holistic and natural way without the use of drugs, pills, hormones, or other substances which negatively impact your overall health. 

An erection coach is the answer!

Your Personal Erection Coach. Get Help for ED

One of the solutions I recommend to men seeking help for ED is the self paced online course Power Up Your Erections taught by sex coach Kevin Anthony.  For a reasonable fee you can learn all the secrets that rock star lovers use to build confidence, get hard and stay hard for as long as you want when you want. 

Say goodbye to performance anxiety and train wreck sexual interactions when you learn to be in control of your erection instead of feeling like a helpless victim of circumstances.

Power Up Your Erections course is a simple yet effective solution for men seeking help in overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED) that can be completed in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. 

Taught by a sex and erection coach with a proven track record and history of helping men like you overcome ED, Power and Mastery is a proven solution to help you get the results you've been looking for. 

Click here to learn more or to enroll in Power Up Your Erections course and say goodbye to ED for good.

Erection Coach on the Sex Talk Cafe Podcast :
Resolving Erectile Dysfunction with Erection Coach Shari James, RN 

Sex Talk Cafe podcast episode interview with erection coach Shari James, RN

For another perspective on the erectile dysfunction conversation, check out this episode of Sex Talk Cafe where I interview Erection Coach Shari James. 

Shari is a talented erection coach with a solid track record for helping men overcome erectile dysfunction without pills or hormones. In this interview Shari even shares how she helped an 80 year old man get his morning wood back!

Some interesting points Shari makes are also enlightening, like testosterone levels have nothing to do with erections--wait, what?!

Join me in this episode of the Sex Talk Cafe where I interview Shari James, a holistic RN and cock whisperer, also known as the Erection Coach.

Shari shares with us the root causes of ED and her groundbreaking approach for helping men solve this challenge without the use of pills.

Learn why more testosterone doesn't equal harder cock and what the morning hard on has to do with a mans overall sexual health.

About Shari James:

As a former stripper turned RN, then Tantra Teacher to Holistic Sex Coach (known for a "pill-free" approach to healing ED), Shari James has been helping men "keep it up" since 1992. The emphasis of Shari's work is to help men get hard, stay hard, and last long.

Shari has been featured on ABC News, Playboy, and the Good Men Project. In addition to being an expert guest on top podcasts, she has been a guest speaker at one of Forbes top 3 must attend events, Secret Knock.

Shari's mission is to raise the consciousness of men through the doorway of their sexuality.

Check out Shari's episode on Spotify here:

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