Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Online Somatic Sex Therapist and Sacred Sexuality Coach

 Sex Therapist and Somatic Sex Coach
Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

Online Sex Therapist for Committed Couples Who are Ready to Get Back on the Same Page in Sex and Intimacy for Good!

About Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

Welcome to Pathway to Pleasure! I am Susan Morgan Taylor, MA. I'm a couples sex therapist and former licensed psychotherapist of ten years turned sacred intimacy and somatic sex coach. I specialize in empowering couples to deepen connection, find mutual sexual fulfillment, and overcome desire discrepancy so they can get back on the same page in sex and intimacy for the long term.

After working 10 years as a licensed sex therapist in private practice I left mental health counseling and shifted to results oriented coaching and somatic sex coaching, which allows me to help many more clients in a much more effective and efficient manner. 

In 2023, I closed my brick and mortar location in Austin, TX and shifted my sex therapy practice online which frees me to offer my services to clients worldwide rather than being confined to a geographic location.

In addition to my decade of experience in mental health, I'm also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and former licensed massage therapist of 25 years with a background in holistic healing, somatic embodiment practices, spiritual teaching and intuitive healing and coaching. 

I've also completed trainings at the International School for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, trained at Betty Martin's School of Consent, and have competed the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough training in the Erotic Blueprints.

My dedication to my own growth and learning never stops and I offer a vast depth and breadth of wisdom to my sex therapy and coaching practice. 

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 My work is influenced by an eclectic mix of teachers and mentors in the arena of relationships, sexuality, sacred sexuality and sacred intimacy.

The foundations of my work are rooted in ancient wisdom of traditional tantric and Taoist approaches to sexuality and relationship which offer a holistic framework from which to approach the common challenges my clients face. 

I use an integrative and holistic approach in my work, incorporating both counseling and coaching techniques interwoven with intuitive healing and somatic (body based) experiential practices for a holistic approach that helps my clients return to connection, intimacy, and love. 

I believe that sex is the most direct pathway to our deepest healing and the fulfillment of our deepest human yearnings for connection and love.

It's far beyond just a simple "act" that we do to get a little temporary pleasure. If you're open to learning and keep an open mind, sex and relationship can become a gateway into both the depths of your humanity as well as a portal to knowing yourself as the embodiment of the Divine. 

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA somatic sex therapist, online sex therapy

When we lose access to the erotic and sexual aspect of ourselves we cut ourselves off from a part of life that holds the power to deeply heal us.

My passion is in  working with individuals and couples who don't enjoy sex as much as they would like to and who are worried about how this is affecting their intimate relationship.  

Such challenges in sex may be due to any number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Changes in sexual desire over time. 
  • History of sexual trauma or childhood sexual abuse.
  • Challenges with orgasm.
  • Unresolved relationship issues resulting in resentment, guilt shame, etc.
  • Being too much "in your head" or unable to relax. 
  • Sexual shame due to negative religious influences from childhood or negative religious programming. 

Many of my clients feel like there is something "wrong" with them when they first come to sex therapy.  Even in the face of a physical cause of a sexual challenge I feel it is really important to emphasize that there is NOT something wrong with you or your body. 

Usually the issue is that there is something wrong with what you or your partner believe about your body or how it should or shouldn't work or respond. This is usually the real problem!

Among numerous other influences such as spirituality, tantra, and holistic healing, I work with a very useful and practical tool in my sex therapy practice called the Wheel of Consent, developed by sex educator and author Betty Martin, to help my clients understand how pleasure and desire actually function in a relationship. 

This simple teaching tool helps shed light on where the trouble spots lie in sex and intimacy and can help a couples better understand what needs to be changed, upgraded, or let go of in order to experience more fulfilling intimacy, connection, and sex.  

My emphasis on women's sexuality and my insight into the female sexual experience lends me a unique perspective in working with both individuals and couples, including men. 

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So...uh....(awkward silence) did you decide to become a sex therapist?

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

One of the first questions I often get is "How did you decide to become a sex therapist?

The truth is that I am often just as surprised at my choice of profession as those asking that question! 

The field of sex therapy and becoming a sex therapist specifically was not something that I originally planned on. Translation: it was not something I dreamed about becoming when I was a kid. 

Though I always knew I wanted to become a counselor and I had always been passionate about working in the field of women's health, the desire to focus specifically on women's sexuality came later in my life. 

It was a few hard knocks, broken relationships, and painful life lessons that eventually ignited a deep desire within me to find a way to experience something different for myself in the area of intimacy and sex that sparked me to begin the journey into the study of my own sexuality.

I began to ask myself some critical questions:

  • Who was I was a woman?
  • Who was I as a sexual and sensual being?
  • How did my body work?
  • How did my sexual energy work?
  • How could I find a way to feel deeply connected to a partner through love and not "just sex"?
  • How could I experience more pleasure, joy, and deep connection? How could I turn sex something truly spiritual and meaningful rather than just a transaction that was over in 10 or 15 minutes?
  • Where was the key? What was the pathway?

Well, I did eventually find the answer to these questions.  And what I found was that as women we literally have the power to create the circumstances for love, pleasure, deep connection and orgasm right here within our very own bodies.

Nobody "brings" love to us.  Nobody "delivers" an orgasm to us on a platter.  Nobody even "gives" us pleasure.

Love, pleasure and orgasm are already inherent within us.  Right there within our very own bodies!  All we need to do is learn to create the circumstances within ourselves for these things to naturally arise.

The problem is that we often block access to these things due to many factors that influence us; most notably our social conditioning around sex and our utter lack of true education about sex in general.

Once I found my own Pathway to Pleasure and discovered the inherent potential within myself for love, pleasure, depth and orgasm I realized two things:

1. Nobody else is responsible for creating these things for me!

2. I could experience these things in any intimate relationship because I now knew how to create the circumstances for them to naturally arise from within me.

After this realization I became truly empowered.  Love was no longer such a mystery or an evasive experience dependent on someone else.  Depth and meaning became something that I could create and not something I had to put pressure on my partner to create for me.

I realized the huge lack of and deep need for other women, men, and couples to have this information and made the decision to become a sex therapist. 

Read more about what a sex therapist does here (And, no, we don't have sex with our clients if that's what you're thinking! Geez, get your head out of the gutter....)

I truly believe that we can change the world by how we have sex and make love.  It is a journey not a destination.

Are you ready to find your own Pathway to Pleasure?

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Sex Therapist Susan Morgan Taylor-The Standard "Bio"

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA is a couples sex therapist and somatic sex educator, and former licensed psychotherapist. She brings a somatic and holistic approach to her sex therapy practice that incorporates the mind-body connection as a source of intuitive knowing and healing for her clients that goes beyond just "talking" about a problem. 

Susan is the founder of The Pathway to Pleasure Collective and the host of the podcast series Sex Talk Café. 

Susan began her studies in the field of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist in 1998  and in 2008 trained as a medical intuitive and practiced holistic healing and intuitive coaching in her own private practice. She still teaches and trains others in intuitive healing and coaching, and the path of feminine spirituality and embodiment, were she is best known for her proprietary work on the Five Pillars of Peace tm. More about this and Susan's other offerings at

Susan received her Bachelor’s degree in the academic study of religion (Religious Studies)  form the University of California Santa Barbara in 1998 and earned her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University San Marcos in 2014.  

Susan is also passionate about dance of all forms, from ballet to ballroom, but holds a special love for sacred dance and expressive movement.  She has traveled to Nepal two times to study the ancient sacred art of Nepalese Vajracharya Temple dance.

Susan is also a badass mama to two badass girls.

Originally based out of Austin, TX and now residing in the stunning Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina, Susan works with individuals and couples worldwide through online sex therapy and sex coaching as well as via in person retreats at sacred locations in Southern Appalachia and around the world. 

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