Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Somatic Sex Therapist and Coach

Spring 2022 Women's Sacred Sexuality 90 Day Immersion Program

I don't know about you but the past six months for me have been a bit of a doozie! We all have watched as our world gets crazier and more bizarre every day. And I know that inside of all this, each of us is facing our own unique challenges that are forging us into the next chapter of our individual and collective evolution.

So, how are things going for you in the evolution of your sexuality and intimate relationships? Are you still struggling? Feeling broken? Or perhaps just wishing things were "better"? Like better sex? Better communication? Better everything when it comes to intimacy?

Welp, if so, then I've got ya! This spring I'll be offering you a special opportunity to mentor with me inside of a special one-of-a-kind container created only for a small handful of 6-8 women.

Announcing the Women’s Spring Sacred Sexuality Program 90 Day Immersion!

Live Virtual Format

This program will take place virtually so you can attend no matter where in the world you live. It consists of weekly live Zoom calls combined with experiential learning practices and content to be completed on your own time in between calls.

All the Benefits of 1:1 Mentoring in a Small Group Format

What's also super cool about this offering is that you will get to train with me at a significant savings from what I normally charge for my 1:1 private mentoring programs but you’ll still get all the same amazing content, individualized support, and coaching. So what is it all about?

The Women's Spring Sacred Sexuality Program 90 Day Immersion is for you if…..

  • You’ve told yourself that you’re “just not that sexual” or secretly fear you might really be “asexual”.
  • You feel bad and give into sex just to keep your partner happy while silently wishing he would just “get it over with” so you can get back to your to do list.
  • You feel like you’re missing out as you see and hear all the hype about sex from other women, while you seem to remain uninterested in it.
  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re broken or the intimacy issues in your relationship are all your fault. You’re so over lying awake at night with that knot of anxiety in your stomach, fearing the worst if you don’t fix this problem….
  • You want to know what sacred sexuality is and learn some of the practical applications of the art and science of sacred sex. (yes my teachings are tantra based, the real kind--old school style!) Or you just want your sex life to be “better”, and you want to be able to communicate “better”, and you just want to know what “better” is!

By Invitation and Application Only

The Women’s Spring Sacred Sexuality Program 90 Day Immersion is open by invitation and application ONLY. So, consider this your special invitation! ​

To complete an application, click here now.

As a reminder, I am only accepting a total of 6-8 women in to this program to keep it intimate and deep.

Here’s some of what you’ll be able to do after completing the Spring Women’s Sacred Sexuality Program with me:

  • Clear out ALL of that OLD emotional garbage that’s been hanging around for years— resentment, “feeling bad for saying no”, your fears of rejection or abandonment, the fear of hurting your partners feelings—this crap is killing the connecting girl and you KNOW it.
  • Understand EXACTLY how your libido actually WORKS---how you are wired, and how that’s different form your partner so that you can stop making each other wrong, or feeling like you’re broken.
  • Use your VOICE—learn how to stop going silent when asked what you want or need, STOP feeling like you’re being “selfish” for wanting something, and OVERCOME that pang of fear in your gut when speaking up for yourself.
  • ACTIVATE your sexual energy—learn how to turn it on, turn it up or tone it down.Practice a new approach to intimacy that works even if your “too tired” or he can’t get it up.
  • Use practical communication skills that will INSTANTLY dissolve conflict or disagreements so that you can artfully direct the relationship back towards connection and love.
  • Develop the ESSENTIAL SKILL SET that will empower you to be able to SUSTAIN the change over the long term once the program is over.

Are you in?

Click here now to complete your application and schedule your intake call.

What Happens Once I Apply?

  1. First, no payment is required until you are accepted into the program. There is no cost to apply so you have nothing to lose!
  2. Second, during your intake call, we take time to make sure you are a fit for the program. It’s not for everybody so we want to make sure you are a match before moving forward.
  3. Third, the call is a chance for us both to decide if we want to work together. There is no obligation to participate in the program after the intake call.
  4. Finally, if it’s a match and we both are a yes, we’ll get you enrolled right during the call.

  Ready to ditch the FOMO for good? Ready to experience what "BETTER" is?

Click here to apply to the Spring Women's Sacred Sexuality Program 90 Day Immersion now​ ​

Looking forward to receiving your application. ​

XO Susan ​

P.S. Some women initially feel awkward at the idea of working on their sexuality in a group of other women. But what I have seen time and time again is that this awkwardness quickly dissolves as you begin to discover that you are not alone in your struggles. A group setting is, in fact, an ideal way to make big changes fast.

The Women’s Spring Sacred Sexuality Mentoring Program 90 Day Immersion is kept to a maximum of 8 women. We go deep, and you get LOTS of personalized attention and support to help guide you towards your unique goals. Apply today here.Applications close soon! ​


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