Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today. I work with clients worldwide.

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Online Somatic Sex Therapist and Sacred Sexuality Coach

Life Lessons from My Lawmower

I went to mow my lawn last week only to discover that my battery operated lawnmower was non functional. Despite charging the battery up to full charge a few times, the battery simple refused to hold the charge and I was unable to mow my lawn.

I learned that due to the lack of regular use, (I hadn't used the mower in about ten months since to the summer heat killed off most of my grass and it only just started growing back), ,the battery had become drained. The mower was essentially useless unless I replaced the battery completely.

This made me think about some things regarding intimate relationships: if we don't practice intimacy and intentionally create polarity (charge--just like the mower battery!) our relationships become drained and lifeless, just like my mower.

Without polarity our relationships become flat, rote, we end up feeling more like roommates than lovers, we lose interest in sex, or label ourselves as low libido or "asexual".

But the truth is that unlike my mower battery which needed a full replacement, in intimate relationship we don't necessarily have to re[lace our lover with a new one because we can LEARN HOW TO REVIVE the lost charge through intentionally cultivating the polarities responsible for generating the love, passion, and deeper feelings of connection that we long for.

I've literally watched this happen right in front of my eyes in my couples sessions. It IS possible and it can be so much fun! But to do this we actually have to get intentional (we have to use that mower baby!) Otherwise we are doomed to a boring and flat relating.

For my va-jay-jay owners reading this--the same thing is true for our female parts. If we don't use them we lose them.

Sex becomes uncomfortable or even painful. Or we go numb "down there".

Or we just lose interest in intimacy altogether, accepting the label "low libido" or blaming our partners for the lack of depth we feel.

But what's really happening is that our magnetic feminine charge has becomes dried out and flat due to lack of regular use. (and this isn't your partner's fault or his responsibility--it's yours)

So, if you've experienced any of the above happening in your life, the answer is not more pills, potions, positions or podcasts.

The sustainable solution is to learn how to charge up your feminine charge-just like my lawnmower battery--and begin intentionally cultivating your feminine magnetic energy. It's through this cultivation that we naturally spark the polar opposite in our partner, generating the charge needed to bring back deep connection and passionate attraction.

If you're a woman and this sounds intriguing then I invite you to join me next week as we being a six week journey in to this very thing!

Awakening Radiance-Introduction to Feminine Energy Activation 6 Week Online Course for Women

Over the course of six weeks you'll learn how to re-charge your feminine battery so that you can embody the magnetic feminine radiance that is your birthright and become the creatrix and generator of connection and love in your life and relationship.

I've extended the special launch tuition of $297 for this course through this Thursday 5/18.

Click here if you are a brave and bold woman who's ready for a change, tired of feeling like roommates with your partner, tired of feeling flat, dried up, "low libido", or invisible, and are ready to bring your feminine radiance back online before it dries up for good or ends up needing a total replacement.

We start next Tuesday May 23rd at 7pm CST.

Enroll now for only $297.



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